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Best kit for reproducing Shuttleworth Pup (any Scale)

Gooney Fan

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Maybe Airfix will re-release their Pup with new decals as part of their "vintage" series; I have yet to build the two I have, but it seems to be a very, very good little kit, from what I have read and the finished ones I have seen, especially considering when it was first released! Do a little cockpit scratchbuilding, substitute a better engine and your're practically there!


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On 9/22/2019 at 1:48 AM, RobStewart said:

The Shuttleworth Pup was originally a Sopwith Dove, which was a 2 seat Pup.  


Don't know what the differences would be.

No. It was built as a Pup, then converted by Sopwith into a Dove as the only way to sell it given the sudden absence of military orders for Pups. 

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On 22/09/2019 at 09:31, Gooney Fan said:



Thanks to everyone who have posted suggestions.


I have settled on an Airfix Pup or 2.


Please consider my request now as closed'


Gooney Fan

Worth looking up the 5 corrections needed for a truly accurate Pup from the Airfix kit - stil a very good kit, but a few odds and ends need attending to. Some are really easy, like snipping off the redundant control horns (Airfix put them both sides of the ailerons, which is daft). Others are a bit more involved but it may not bother you. Basically, the nunber of stringers showing through on the area under the ockpit opening is wrong, the tailplane needs shic=fting a millimetre or two, the little lugs sticking out of the outer wheel faces need to be lopped off, a slot and piece of sprue should be put into the end of the fuselage under the tailplane to reproduce the exposed kingpost (common to many Sopwith types) and the typical Sopwith triangular channel needs carving out on the underside just behind the cowling. Additional slots may need opening in the cowling depending on the engine, which also may need replacing - the one supplied is nice enough but may not be the same as what the Shuttleworth Pup currently has. All these refinements were detailed by Ray Rimell in Scale Models when the kit was originally produced, along with 4 or 5 simple conversions.  I can scan it if you're interested.


A harder kit to build but needing far less tweaking is the HR Models kit, one of their fairly recent injection moulded efforts that was much better than their earlier resin stuff. This kit has multiple engine and cowling options as standard. Still, since you already have the Airfix kit I assume you'll want to stick with it.


Whatever route you follow, Pups usually would have a simple lapstrap, easily represented by painted masking tape, although I'd check the internet for shots of the Shuttleworth machine since I'd expect that to fulfill CAA regs it would be fitted with a some sort of Sutton Harness for safety, but don't actually know.



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