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Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt

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Tucked away at the far end of Finow's runways is the Luftfahrtmuseum Finowfurt on the site of a former Soviet Air Force and LSK fighter base. Located an hour's drive outside Berlin, Finow has an interesting history, as during Nazi times it was one of the main airfields of KG 200, the secretive experimental unit that operated a handful of Allied types alongside standard Luftwaffe aircraft, including B-17s and B-24s. Unfortunately at the small and rather rustic site, there is nothing that indicates this facet of the site's history. The images have had the colour drained out of them; I wanted to experiment with colour to reflect the general rustic nature of the place. Finow is still an active airfield, with a small portion of the hard standing built as a fighter station for the Soviets in use, the rest is covered by a solar farm. Finow's control tower.


48462406192_c5ab09c405_b.jpgEurope 302


Su-22 gate guard. A taste of the state of the collection.


48462406177_6c11e4befc_b.jpgEurope 303


Arrestor barrier.


48462246846_55aa32e212_b.jpgEurope 304


There are aircraft and displays inside the hardened aircraft shelters, including this MiG-15UTI and MiG-21F-13.


48462406097_8a774a3e73_b.jpgEurope 305


PZL Dromader in front of a shelter capped by a radome.


48462246786_8185232ccf_b.jpgEurope 306




48462406047_6366ea08e8_b.jpgEurope 307


VEB-14P, licence built Il-14 in Dresden.


48462406022_4ce8832132_b.jpgEurope 308


Yak-28R, one of the types stationed at Finow.


48462246666_5a30dd13c3_b.jpgEurope 310


PZL An-2T.


48462246661_4886e31e80_b.jpgEurope 313


L-29, evidence that the staff do work on the aircraft.


48462246546_856a5a953e_b.jpgEurope 314


Interflug Tu-134.


48462405772_45ac467958_b.jpgEurope 315




48462405797_4fef0aa4ea_b.jpgEurope 317


Cosmetically challenged MiG-23S.


48462405652_3c21311861_b.jpgEurope 318


Lenin looking on sternly at the foreign tourists.


48462246446_fbf7ef15fd_b.jpgEurope 319


Thanks for looking.



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Wow, very atmospheric shots and what a sad state some of those planes are in. Thanks for sharing this.

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Great photos from a great museum



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A really interesting line up, such a shame the up keep has let the look of the collection down. :(

Thanks for sharing them Grant.



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:wow:  Those have gone to rack and ruin  but just shows how they  once were supreme looking. Lenin looks as stern and formidable  as ever!

credit to the staff who are still making the effort to look after them.


thanks for sharing your photos. much appreciated.



Edited by HOUSTON

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These pictures now freely easy to take and post. To think not long ago you’d have to be a spy. Nice pictures, like to these in person someday.

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