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1/48 Revell F-15E Strike Eagle

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I finished this quite a few months ago. But I was faffing around with backgrounds trying to get some decent photos. Finally got something  I liked.


All the details of the build and my thoughts on the kit are at my blog


But in summary.  Good kit but showing it's age. I'm happy with most of it bar the exhausts (For such a prominent feature I didn't do a good job on them) and the canopy (crap design). 

Lots of photos at the blog but here's a couple of photos 




















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Great looking Strike Eagle!


To my eyes, those random airbrushed darker spots on the top surface look like… random airbrushed spots. I fail to see the 'cause and effect' of convincing weathering. My personal view only, you understand and maybe I'm not familiar enough with the Eagle. 😉


Kind regards,



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Super paint job making the monotone grey look convincing, and you've gotta love an asymmetric loadout.

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