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Super detail kit for 1:350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 hangar

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At last: our new 1:350 scale super detail set for Tamiya USS Enterprise (CVN-65) HANGAR is out!

This sets allows to fully build and detail the hangar for a 1970 time period.
It includes 150 resin and 150 PE parts, along with a large decal sheet and a 23 page assembly leaflet.


The hangar. Provision is made into the ceiling plates to custom add a glass fiber or LED lighting :




In addition 12 different types of deck and hangar vehicles are supplied in number (4 to six each)in resin and PE, including, of course, a Tilly.
A number of aircraft spare tanks (3 sizes) and missiles (three types) are also in the box.

The vehicles:




The decals:




Each part is cast in PU resin from a 3D designed and printed master.


Available here:




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Hi Bruno,


How does this kit align with the comments regarding the hangar deck isn't rectangular?









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Hello Fuzzoli,

Sorry for this late answer. I'd to check before.

Well: yes, the l'Arsenal kit is rectangular and the real hangar isn't. This has a slight narrowing forward.

The kit designer (not me) opted for a rectangular shape to adapt the hangar to the Tamiya kit, the hull of which is wrong in this area.


Here is an extract of a (official ?) plan of the real Enterprise, which shows clearly the two forward elevators aren't aligned: elevator #1 on the right follows the hull shape, making an angle with #2.




Here are pictures of two Tamiya Enterprise kits (not mine !), which clearly show those two elevators are parallel. This implies the hull lines below are wrong.






For the hangar kit designer the choice was:

1- Stick to the reality, implying the #1 elevator hangar opening would have had non-parallel external and internal sides and this would have been very visible.

2- Adapt to the kit and design a rectangular shape, keeping the opening bulkhead parallel.


For the rivet counters it is still possible and rather easy to "angle" the port side of hangar, starting about at #1 elevator door level: one has just to angle saw the deck plate and shorten the forward bulkhead by 3-4mm on its port side.

Note, however, on the finished hangar the angle is so small it will be faintly visible and both starboard and forward bulkheads aren't visible too.


This issue is another illustration of the difficulties in sticking a kit to a model which is wrong. BTW this old Tamiya kit has many other issues.

Hope this helps



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