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Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History, Brussels

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Images from the rather vast military museum in the centre of Brussels. The aircraft hall is impressive, but some of the machines are run down and desperately need attention, and a good clean.




48686327798_4297d23f47_b.jpgEurope 422


Maurice Farman MF.11.


48686670086_7bacdff066_b.jpgEurope 423


Meteor and Spitfire.


48686327753_c3c4062b54_b.jpgEurope 424


Spad XIII.


48686327663_43e3037f5a_b.jpgEurope 425


Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter.


48686670006_7054aba093_b.jpgEurope 426


Ju 52/3mg3e.


48686840677_407cb93d93_b.jpgEurope 427




48686669926_122375350c_b.jpgEurope 428




48686327563_2ffa20b73b_b.jpgEurope 429


The aviation hall in all its splendour and dust.


48686669856_afcbf9bb51_b.jpgEurope 430


More to come.

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More from Brussels.


Avro Canada CF-100.


48686327468_7cd485a76a_b.jpgEurope 431


Nord 1002.


48686327428_b0a71a908e_b.jpgEurope 432


Fairey Battle.


48686327408_22b023fa61_b.jpgEurope 433


de Havilland Mosquito.


48686840472_b872b0cb51_b.jpgEurope 434


Bucker Bu 181.


48686840462_2c9b353a2e_b.jpgEurope 435


Sad looking Hurricane.


48686840427_85c5c54748_b.jpgEurope 436


Fairchild Bolingbroke.


48686840402_d495667302_b.jpgEurope 437


Douglas A-26.


48686669676_7e3c8bd161_b.jpgEurope 438


Mil Mi-24.


48686840382_9883b22d5d_b.jpgEurope 439


Thanks for looking.

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4 minutes ago, Alpha Delta 210 said:

The collection looks amazing, it's just a shame that the exhibits are not particularly well cared for.

Yes indeed. Was impressed with the museum as a whole - it's huge, but the aircraft are not well looked after at all. Note the flat tyres on the CF-100, the Nord and the Hurri. The Oxford, in the background in the Mosquito image, hasn't had its nose for years.

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SUPERN...Thank you for sharing your  IMPRESSIVE  collection of photos.





(don't they have curators to look after them as many other museums in the world do?).

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It is an excellent museum, that I first encountered in 1982. I'm pleased to see that it is still crammed full of goodies :)




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