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le.gl.Einheits - Pkw (Kfz.1) German Personnel Car (35582) 1:35


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le.gl.Einheits - Pkw (Kfz.1) German Personnel Car (35582)

1:35 ICM via Hannants Ltd




Made mostly by three German companies, this all-wheel drive staff car designed by Stoewer was produced with different bodies during the early war, the most prevalent being the four seat staff car depicted here.  It was however complicated and unreliable, so was eventually replaced by the ubiquitous Kubelwagen.


The Kit

This is a re-release of their kit (35581) but with new parts for a deployed soft-top roof, which hasn't yet been available with only the stowed roof released so far.  The box contains five sprues in grey styrene plus a single clear sprue and decal sheet, not forgetting the instructions with integral painting guide at the rear.   The additional sprue contains the new parts for the roof, but you'll still find the retracted roof parts on the original sprues in case you change your mind.








New Sprue



Construction begins with the chassis, which is first to be built up with dual springs supporting independent suspension and a driveshaft linking the two transfer boxes, plus the steering linkage front and rear.  Fuel tank and stowage are placed to either side of the chassis rails and an exhaust pipe is threaded through to the engine compartment, which is filled with a full rendering of its 4 cylinder 2 litre Stoewer power plant over the front axle.  The floor of the cab is built up and added to the chassis, then the three part styrene wheels with moulded-in tread are fitted to each corner along with the radiator at the front.  The firewall and rear passenger bulkhead are installed next with the former having instruments and transmission tunnel moulded in and pedals attached to the floor.  The cab sides, boot/trunk cover, engine cowling and gear shifter are all put in place before the seats are built up from base, cushion and curved back at the front, with a bench seat at the rear of a similar construction that has just enough room down the sides for two Kar98 rifles to be stowed in shackles.  Two more rifle points are attached to the front bulkhead, bumpers/fenders and doors are all added with steering wheel and windscreen also made up. 


The rear light cluster is fitted to racks for additional fuel on the rear quarters with a spare wheel in between them, and the folded canvas roof above is still available if you decide you don't want to install the new one.  If you do, and that's probably the main reason you would chose this boxing, the semi-rigid side panels with the glazing panels that mostly stayed on the sprues previously are inserted into the frames which are then attached to the sills and the windscreen.  The rear of the hood has a small rectangular window inserted into the flat panel, then has the corners attached before the assembly is fitted to the rear of the car.  The external retraction frame drops into grooves in the sides of the rear hood, and finally the top fits on to complete the roof.  Of all the joins on the hood the only ones that may need sanding and/or filling are those on the corners at the rear, as the top panel has a handy overlap so has a natural step that matches the kit's panel.


Front lights, jerry cans and pioneer tools are attached to the fenders, and windscreen wipers are fitted into the depressions on the frame, with wiper-motor boxes moulded into the frame for completeness.  The lights and windscreen all have clear parts so the passengers don't get bugs in their teeth.





There are four theatre specific options included in the box with early war Panzer Grey the colour of choice, and these haven't been changed from the earlier boxing, as they're essentially the same vehicles but with the hood up!  From the bag you can build one of the following:


  • WH-102 360 16 Pz.D, Don area, June 1942
  • WH-240 663 11 Pz.D, Ukraine, July 1941
  • WH-307 582 Panzergruppe 1 Kleist, Ukraine, July 1941
  • WL-22662 I./JG51 Stary Bykhov (Belorussia), July 1941








A welcome addition to the Kfz.1 line from ICM, and perfect for a rainy day... literally!  Great detail, crystal clear parts and only a few ejector pin marks on the hood parts if you think they'll be visible.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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There are photos of the vehicles serving with JG 51 and 11 PD, but ICM has made no effort to match the specifics of those vehicles to the generic model offered. In all of ICM's markings choices for these Kfz. 1 kits, when photos are available, the license plate numbers are usually only in the neighborhood of those in the photos. This goes for most of the markings offered in both series of kits. In the Kfz. 4 kit, the use of yellow rather than white for the 11 PD. ghost is questionable, whether it is a "real" vehicle or not.

Everyone, it seems, has their favorite gripe about ICM's way of doing things. Mine is their repeated refusal or inability to hollow out any of the cooling vents in most too thick engine hood panels. For all the time and effort that went into offering detailed wheel hubs with separate hub caps, the naked wheel hubs belong to the last series of vehicles that had doors with horizontal strengthening ribs, as for the most part does the U-shaped radiator protector.

On the plus side, these four new Kfz. 1  releases have all been based on new molds - would love to know how/why the decision was made to scrap the old molds. Compared to the older two kits, several problematic assemblies have been simplified, there are none of the enormous KO pin marks that marred the interior body panels of the old versions (the small ones that remain are a piddling concern and relatively simple fix, IMHO), and the instructions are a vast improvement in clarity and "doability."

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