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MiG-21 kit. Who is the manufacturer?

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It's the beginning of the month and I took a look at the French site "modelstories" where there is a short article on a MiG-21 of unknown provenance.  I have this kit (still unbuilt) and have often wondered where it came from.  I also have the model moulded from the same tool and sold by a Russian charity, Eternal Memory To Soldiers, which, if I remember correctly, came in a plastic bag with a very poorly reproduced instruction sheet stapled to it.

Does anyone know the origin of this model?







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16 hours ago, Pin said:

The manufacturer is Minks Toy Factory "MIR", USSR



15 minutes ago, Ryan Hothersall said:

I have built one. Was not too bad to build. 

Mir MiG-21


Interesting kit ! Some parts look very similar to the old KP MF, others look quite different. Still feels like a KP clone judging by the pictures, what do you think ?

P.S. the KP MiG-21 must be the most cloned kit ever in the history of our hobby 😁

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