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The Italian fighter: Franco Lucchini's Macchi C202

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Decided to begin building my first Italian fighter. I would have preferred it to be in 1:48, but Hannants didn't have the required decals, so I chose to buy the 1:72 version from Hobby 2000.



Hobby 2000's Macchi is a rebox of the Hasegawa kit, with Cartograf decals and masks for the canopy.





I don't have much modelling time since I began attending daylight hospital, so progress will be slow.


Make sure to follow the topic if you're interested in seeing how this turns out.


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Just now, Andwil said:

Nice choice of subject.  Is this the one with the replacement starboard wing and resulting mismatched camouflage?



It is exactly that aircraft. I've never done such style of camouflage before, so I'm hoping it'll look OK once I reach the painting stage.

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Wings assembled.



Fuselage glued together.



Cockpit glued in place.




Aircraft fully glued together and ready for painting. The cowling was PVAed into place, and will be removed to add the spinning propeller at the very end of the build.


My painting plan is to:

1) Paint the white areas and mask them.

2) Paint the aircraft in RLM 79.

3) Trace with a pencil the areas that should go in RLM 80.

4) Mask the fuselage and paint undersides in RLM 76.

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3 minutes ago, Howlindawg said:

Not an aircraft I'm at all familiar

Neither am I, it's my first Italian aircraft after all.


It should look good with a proper paint job, so I hope I manage to pull it off OK.

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Began painting the aircraft today. RLM 79 first and 65 in the horizontal stabilizers.





I don't know which colours I'll paint next, if the RLM 80 or the 65. Either way, the white bands will be painted last.

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2 minutes ago, Thom216 said:

Wasn't this referred to as the Italian Thunderbolt?


Nice choice of plane, with its attractive lines.


Actually, folgore is Italian for lightning.




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Thanks @Thom216 and @Courageousfor the kind words.


I had the opportunity to paint the difficult and characteristic Italian camouflage of RLM 80 over 79 (edit: for my next Italian plane I'll use RLM 70, since it's a matt paint and not a gloss one, it'll cover much better without making ridges). I made demarcation lines with a pencil first and then went over them with a fine brush. Here are the photos of the resulting scheme:



The undersides are partially painted in RLM 65, I still have to make a few more passes before the light blue fully covers the bare plastic.



And here is a photo of my 1:72 diecast model collection (an MIIIEA, an F-86F-30, a SuE, and a Harrier GR.3)


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Hello guys, I was able to spend some more time today on the Macchi. I gloss coated the entire aircraft and applied the decals.

The decals, printed by Cartograf, were as always trouble free in their application. All but one, which once applied stuck solidly into the surface. I was able to move it though.

Here're the photos:

Aircraft gloss varnished:



Decals applied:




The propeller will be glued in place once the landing gear is glued.


Comments and questions are welcomed.

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Landing gear and propeller glued in place. One thing I've been noticing is my lack of patience, in a hobby where patience is key to build a passable model.

I think I'll be taking a modelling hiatus to regain the lost patience after finishing this model.



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Breaks are ok. I find I deal with my modelling patience (or lack thereof) by having a number of projects on the go and switching to whichever one I feel like in no particular order or plan. Sometimes a simple OOB build works too.

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  • Mike changed the title to The Italian fighter: Franco Lucchini's Macchi C202

Thanks all for the kind words, @Corsairfoxfouruncle and @Thom216 I'll be sure to come back soon.

@Marklo I avoid starting many projects at the same time in order to avoid loosing pieces. I also don't have much modelling space.


Right, the model's been finished today, the hardest part was to glue the clear parts in place. Teaser here and RFI as soon as possible.


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