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1/350 Minicraft Academy Titanic

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Again thanks for the comments!! Done a bit more today and the officer’s quarters was a lot more demanding than I thought. Because of the amount of F/O and the LEDs, it took ALOT of attempts to get the roof to fit. I had to glue down the left then the right and even had to do a bit of cutting with the Dremel to get it to fit. Again, god bless styrene strips lol.



Also managed to sort the bridge 'look outs' out as well after sanding there are no more gaps!!




 Again ive tried to use the LEDs in a way so that only the light can be seen and not the super bright LED light itself.




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Well, managed to do a bit more but had my first fibre optic snap! Not a massive issue but could of done without it lol. Put some more 'deck houses' on and even though the rule is dry fit first, it didnt fit the second time round lol. Tell you what though, cant give enough praise to the styrene strips ive been using although theyre not cheap (evergreen). Anyone else come across a cheaper alternative? They are worth it if you like a better finish though and especially if you have a floor that doesn’t exactly meet the wall. It’s a good trick to hide gaps!!




Again all the inside walls have been sprayed matt black and also 'Tulip' paint has been used to stop light coming through and it does work very well!!




Again sorry for the crap night pics need to get a decent camera!!




Ive also used styrene strips to finish of the decks, it fold around the bends easily using CA glue and a steady hand using tooth pics!!




Test fitting the funnels and making sure the F/O light them up, even though i understand the real ship didnt have these lights, this Titanic has lol!! Had to use putty as well to fill the gaps and used a flexi file to sand the curved edges. Anything to make life easy.




The styrene ive been using is 1x0.5mm and i had some 0.5x0.5 to hide the gaps between the deck and walls, fits perfectly. Tooth pics!! plenty of lol.




I can see myself doing ALL the walls. really makes a difference and a sharp edge.




Felt a bit keen today and highlighted the metal frame in the dome glass. Not sure if it will be seen but if it aint, dont bother when you make this model lol.




Finished the last of the benches on the poop deck, honestly if you make this model and have the photo etch, make a jig like the one ive used in previous posts!! Started to sort out the prop arm as well after snapping it off!




Again sorry for the crap pic but if you look at the elevator 2nd class entrance on the top deck, light is coming through the plastic as an LED is close but Tulip paint corrected it. Ill take a pic of the equipment ive used incase you want to get some. Well i now have a Guinness as its Saturday night!!


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Gidday, I think she's coming along very well. And there should be a special place in modeler's heaven for whoever invented Evergreen styrene strips, rods etc. I only discovered them a few years ago and have fallen in love with them. 😍 They've opened up a whole new world of model ship building for me, as I like to modify, enhance and scratch-build model ships now.

     I'm no photographer but I like the photos above, even the "night" shots. They give an impression of what the vessel must have looked like on that final evening. Keep up the good work, Sir! Regards, Jeff.

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Hello all, moved on a bit more now with the build and still learning along the way lol. Pretty much got all the lights in place and the F/O is having the effect i was after. I still feel i need to dim the LEDs but im not in a rush to do it yet. 



More styrene strip to smarten the jounts up.





IMG_4075  IMG_4083 IMG_4080 IMG_4085

Thats it for now but i do need to tidy up a few areas when my garage warms up a bit lol.



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Good evening on a friday night! moved on a fair bit with the build now and its coming on well. Started adding some railings from GMM using a hold and fold 'bug', definately recommend it makes the job easier and more imprtantly straight!!




I did have a few problems with the PE masts though as youre supposed to put a support under the decks but obviously i had to improvise as the decks were already in place lol.




I cut the bases of the kit masts and drilled small holes in the top and it worked!!






Managed to get the crows nest in with the bell, again fiddly but worth the effort.



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Hello all and merry Christmas!! feels like ages since ive posted but i havnt touched the ship for over a month!! Well ive managed to add quite a bit today and yesterday, mainly the PE. to stick the fences down, ive been using a tip that i picked up from the site. I have been using a pin to apply the CA glue in the right amounts and it works perfectly!!






Another tip is to paint the top rail with a tooth pick whilst its still on the fret, i learnt this leson AFTER the first railing lol. Its alot harder to paint once its on!!




The PE compass tower looks so much better than 'out the box' but im going to attempt to scratch build  the top as it looked odd.




Again, cant praise the hold and fold enough, anything to make life easier and produce better results!! For the curved rails, i used a tooth pick which sort of worked lol! I know the steps are a bit low but the rails dont line up if i increase the angle and it looks worse in my eyes.




This is the CA ive been using, really cheap but i havnt had a single problem, thin for railings etc and thick for anything that will need adjusting like walls etc.




coming on nicely now and im getting alot better at building the benches!! Deabating on getting rid of the BIG horrible support under the top deck (the 4 posts) and replacing them with something thinner.




Again cant help myself but add missing detail to the model, I built the spindles out of some left over PE 'wheels' and plastic strip painted black, turned out well. Anyone know if you can buy a resin top hatch cover as the original and updated model kits have more of a curved top.




Well thats it for now, going to visit the bottles in the back ground!!!

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Started to experiment with the stand today as i dont really like the issued one. Im still in two minds at the moment but im leaning more towards the sleeper version!! Its more stable as well seems the wife knocked the rear mast off the other day GRRRRRRRRR!






Well happy xmas all, managed to get some rigging done as well, using some 'Infini Models' lycra stuff but seems to be doing the trick and will hopefully not sag. Ive used EZ line in the past but its expensive compared to the amount of infini line you get. Will post pics soon.

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Hope you all had a good Christmas break!! Now my kids are older im a bit redundant so i managed an hour or 2 (more like 2 lol) on Christmas day. I really wasnt looking forward to building the cranes but to be honest they were far easier than the 1/400 with fewer parts (GMM version). After painting them white, i put a wash over to bring a bit more detail out. I think i made the right decision leaving the cranes untill later because they would of got in the way during the build.


IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4306


Once the cranes were in place i continued with the rigging. Ive never used INFINI rigging before but I was impressed how easy it was to stick with CA. The most tedious part was the Marconi antenna. Again some PE parts were used, the only negative with the infini lycra is that if you let go it will fly and get tangled up.


IMG_4322 IMG_4323 IMG_4329 IMG_4333 IMG_4332 IMG_4330

Well thats it for now, next thing on the list is the life boats and then getting the battery box in the stand for the lights.

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Evening all just another update on the build, just finnished putting the life boats and davits on. Because of how many parts that were involved, they took a long time to complete, but again very rewarding. Hopefully some of the techniques (use of blue-tach lol) will make life easier for others who are making this ship!!





I used double sided tape to fix the davits before i sprayed them again.





Something i didnt plan for was the gap were the stock life boats would of went. Luckily enough the boats covered the gap nicely. Styrene strips were used to raise the life boats so the fence could still be used surrounding the life boats.



I did learn and started putting the fence in before the boats, using the styrene strips as a support for the fence.




For the life boats, i stole an idea from Arts Titanic and used news paper as canvas covers with PVA glue. I worked well and the colour was already in place.




I also glued the pulleys before placing the boats on the deck which again made life a bit easier.


IMG_4408 IMG_4409

I had seen that the 'emergency' boats to the front of the ship never had covers on so i decided to use the dremmel to hollow them out and make benches from scratch, I also found a method to keep them in place whilst the glue dried!!


IMG_4416 IMG_4419 IMG_4422 IMG_4424 IMG_4423

 Hopfully get a bit more sorted this week and dare i say it im almost finnished!!!!

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Hello all just settling into a friday night with a can of Guiness after loading the 199 passenger on the TITANIC!! yes i am excited because my eyes feel like a marathon runners legs lol. I used the GMM passengers which at first i was reluctant to use but it adds that personal finnish. To be honest they have brought the ship to life and would defo recommend them. As you can see in the pics, i sort of batch painted them to make the process quicker.




Yes!! that is Jack and Rose as the kids were going on!! And yes he did steel that jacket lol



Again i used sharp tweezers and CA glue to place the figures on, the bands instruments had to be bent into place as well!!



I did try and recreate this photo but i couldnt get the camera in close enough.


IMG_4448 IMG_4458 IMG_4464

Had to repaint the officers, only one missing is captain Smith!!

IMG_4471 IMG_4473 IMG_4477 IMG_4478 IMG_4455


Well its 99% done but im really debating on trying this epoxi resin water, anyone any pointers lol!! I also thought the flags were water slide but they were not so now in the bin lol. Have to buy some propper ones!!

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Evening all, i knew i couldnt help myself so after looking at more photos i decided that the Titanic was not immaculate and also i felt if i dry brushed the hull alot more of the detail would show through, so i did!! I have also changed my mind about the stand (again!) and im leaning towards more of a diorama, no iceberg, just the sea lol.


IMG_4500 IMG_4499 IMG_4501 IMG_4504 IMG_4515


I know some people like really clean builds but i do like a bit of weathering, might go over with a bit of light sheen. Im thinking epoxy resin for the water as i still want to be able to see the hull below the surface. Ive been looking at LOADS of youtube videos and if done right it will enhance the looks. Its a big IF!!

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13 hours ago, Stelangton said:

I have also changed my mind about the stand (again!) and im leaning towards more of a diorama,

I do tend to agree that it would look better, especially with all those people on it.

I have taken this philosophy with my own maritime builds and moving onto sea base setups, I might remount my existing built subjects. 



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Ive chosen not to go with the epoxy as I didnt want to chance anything going wrong. Ive gone with the base but customised it slightly by adding a switch and ive moved the sleepers further in which looks more uniform. Just waiting on the flags to finnish!!

IMG_4525 IMG_4527 IMG_4529 IMG_4530 IMG_4533


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Well after printing out a few signs and a quick coat of gloss, i think that is it, Done!!! Its been just over 6 months but i think its there.



IMG_4581 IMG_4594 IMG_4576

Hope people have had a few tips and wont make the mistakes i did, If i could do anything different obviously i would but its still the best ive built and the first time ive used fibre optic which will come in handy on my future builds. Cheers for the support and thanks again Doc for the anchor!!!! Ill post a few pics in ready for inspection!!


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Hey, I came across this and can I just say what an absolutely incredible model you have created! Having finished a “trial” 1/400 version I’m about to embark on a long term project for the 1/350 and hope to light it similar to your own. I have bought the model, the PE kit and a sheet of printed wooden decking. I’m starting small parts of it but worried to fully get into it yet! I was wondering if, other than the great ideas and advice you have given, do you have any other advice for someone about to take this on? I made so many mistakes with the 1/400 version that I couldn’t recover from that I’m terrified of doing that with this and all the money and time wasted. I’m also wanting to create internals in some of the main rooms that are lit and tried it out on the previous model. In your opinion with the lighting is this even possible? Thanks in advance 

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