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Masking putty, has anyone used any? Mig or AK?

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I've had some problems with using blue & white tac when rolling up for masking as I've personally found that both leave a residue.

Has anyone used either or both the Mig masking Putty or the AK masking putty? Are they the same product as I have noticed that they are differently priced online.

I've just seen a couple of reviews on youtube of the Mig putty & thought that it might be a better alternative to blutac or white tac.




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Hi Martin,


I have used Mig masking putty, don't know if its the same as the AK one.  One has to press it quite firmly on the model to make it stick, but I found it easier to use than blutac, does not leave any oily residue.





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Ive been using this for three years now with no residue.




 I'm still using the same package that i opened then. It has no expiration as long as you store it in a plastic bag and keep it from drying out. 



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I use white glue to mask natural metal finishes - works on both acrylic and enamel metal paints . 

I believe it will work even for regular paints but do apply a gloss coat before hand for ease of lifting later . 

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Only a year late for this thread but I followed @cger advice and bought some Mig Putty and very nice it is too. Yes it is far more expensive than Blu Tac but it is some much better and easier to use. No grease and no residue left behind, It was going onto complex shaped fairings so masking tape wasn't really possible. Highly recommended

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