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Hkp 4B Swedish Navy Vertol

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Vertol Hkp 4B

1 Helicopter Division, Swedish Navy, 1986


If anyone reading this was at the 1986 Middle Wallop air show, as I was, I’m sure you will remember these Swedish helicopters as stars of the show and rare beasts indeed in the UK.




It sometimes takes a while for all the elements to come together to built a model and for me it was the recent availability of the Swedish camo colours from Hataka that completed the set. I have had the ‘Flying Colours / Aerodecals’ sheet for a long long time, kept in the equally old Hobbycraft Vertol 107 kit box waiting to go.






If you like masking, then this is the model for you. If you don’t, sheer perseverance will get you there in the end – or at least that’s how it was for me. I thought the rotor blade camo might be the easy bit, but having to do it all 6 times extended the timescale beyond what I wanted – you can only do so much masking at a time.


The Hataka paints airbrushed beautifully and I would recommend them. Next time though I think I would spray the two greens and hand brush the brown and black to keep masking to a reasonable level.














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2 hours ago, janneman36 said:

Hello Chris such a lovely build, wich hataka paints did you use? The red or orange?


cheers, Jan

Red Line set. I suppose I had better do a Viggen while they're still fresh...bring out the masking tape

47 minutes ago, 3DStewart said:

Scale please?

1/72 - sorry, I usually include scale in the title but forgot this time

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That's without a doubt the most stunning rendition of a Hkp 4 I've ever seen.


Superb in all respects, top tier modelling!


And yes, I also remember it being displayed… let's say, aggressively, at air shows. It's a scandal that the Hkp 4 was retired long before its time which left Sweden without a really competent sea rescue helicopter.


Kind regards,



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What a beautiful build.

I remember the 1986 Middle Wallop show. The Danish Air Force Hughes 500 with a big silver cardboard key stuck in it to wind it up, and what appeared to be the entire AAC advancing line abreast on the spectators.

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I saw it in the flesh on Thursday. and it really is a beaut!!  Well done Chris!!! Suitably rewarded first in the friendly club level comp!!

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