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The carriage holds the weight. I did put in some wood suspension to support the weight of the wing (two long struts from one wing thru the hull to the other wing) . That is kind of important to prevent cracks. There is also a more professional set you can get (I forgot from which company).


Good luck with the kit and finding a spot to put it when it's done 😊

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I have had this Model built on my shelf for at least eight years. The kit undercarriage is holding up fine. 

Yes it is a big model. Not easily fitted into a cabinet. Mine sits on top gathering dust. 

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That's a beautiful build, and one that still sits on my shelf. What can you tell us about the build, and were there any shortcomings you had to address (other than the wing spar)?  Where did you source the radar array and the glide bombs?

Congratulations, by the way, it's stunning!

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Thanks for the compliments.


Besides being a big kit itself being a problem sometimes (e.g. some of my usual clamps would not fit) there were no serious issues. Even with the wing spar the heavy wings had a tendency to sag and cause gaps at the wing joints, so be careful.

I enjoyed the interior detail, unfortunately you hardly see anything of it after completion


The HS 293 are from the CONDOR "German Missile Set 1", the FuG is from Eduard. To fit the guided bombs I had to adept the engine gondolas (lot's of putty). I kind of winged it there (pun intended), strict measurement might show the model not being exactly up to scale, but I was pleased to manage it to look the way it does.


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