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Red Arrows flight details

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Gents...your Red Arrows are now just down the road from me at Newburgh/Stewart AP in New York.  I'll be attending the show on this Saturday. Being a bit of an enthusiast I was wondering if anyone could comment on just how they managed to arrive here.  Do they carry extra fuel tanks on the Atlantic crossing? Are they modified for mid-air refueling on the crossing?   What would their route be and where would they stop to refuel?  I believe the range of the Hawk is roughly 500 miles for starters.

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According to the Reds' website;

The Red Arrows’ Hawk T1 jets will be flown to North America over three days.

This is because, as primarily training aircraft, they were not intended to refuel in the air and do not have the range to make the transatlantic crossing in one sortie.

After leaving the team’s base of RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, UK, they will be flown via several stops, including airfields in Scotland, Iceland and Greenland, before reaching Canada and eventually Halifax – the first major location of the tour.

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RAF Hawk T.1s were never fitted with the plumbing required for auxiliary tanks. Export versions were, but the RAF never requested it in the original specification. It certainly would have made the Red Arrows' overseas trips easier.

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