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Angus Tura

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I nearly forgot this was coming up.


I had planned to try the Fine Molds Tomahawk cruise missile but have had to swap into working this weekend. So, I want something really as simple as possible. So, in the stash is this:


190821a Bits on blocks


The Belcher Bits Polaris. Its only one colour (white) plus the decals and a little detail painting of the rocket nozzles. I'd take the 2 x 12 hour slot-approach. In keeping with the rules I'm going to take the bits off the remnants of the casting blocks before the GB to maximise the chance of finishing...or minimise the chance of failing, depending on one's point of view. According to the instructions the US one's were all white without markings. So, that might be the result if work is busy!


See you Saturday, or maybe Sunday, depending on work.



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Thanks chaps. It is nice and easy but the question is, "Is it Quick?"


Here is a starting picture with clock and watch:


190825a Bits and Clock start


I've taken the bits off the casting blocks, or casting sheet in the case of the nozzles. The base is modified from a Japanese doll stand. I love these. They're cheap (~ £2) and quite pretty. I do have a clear one somewhere, which would look better I think. Can I find it? No I can't. I have cheated a little in drilling the hole in the "interstage", beside my watch. This is to accept the stand. I hope that's OK. The not-necessarily-quick-ness depends on the fit of the rocket sections. They are none of them quite round.


More shortly.



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Here are the sections of the rocket stuck together and the engines ready to paint:


190825b Polaris glued and engines to paint


With the top light you can see how uneven the rocket is. I'll get the engines Alcladded and let the glue on the missile dry before much sanding and polishing.


190825c Chilli sauce tomato sandwich and coffee


Tomato and chilli-sauce sandwich and cup of coffee.



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Hello Again.


So, much sanding, superglue, superglue accelerator and re-etching later it looks like this:


190825d Sanded missile 190825e Sanded missile rear


Its slightly bamboo cane-ish but not too bad. The base was metallised with Alclad duralumin earlier:


190825f Base metalised


It does look more metallic in real life. Here it is masked:




So excited was I by this model that I forgot to photograph my tea:


190825h Dinner


This was gammon steak, French beans, butter beans and colcannon by the fragrant Mrs.Tura.


Can I find my white Tamiya primer?



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Answer: No! I could not find my Tamiya white primer.


The last entry was a bit of a high point in this group build for me. Sorry I forgot to put my watch in these pictures. They were taken at ~11pm. They were shortly followed by the call to go and do a bit of Leeds-fest taxi-ing. Got back to prime, albeit in Grey:


190826a Primed


This was 1am-ish. So, just before my first 12 hours was up. It was also just before the call from work! So now it is not 12-hours-to-finish time, unfortunately, but go-to-bed for-a-snooze time. I'm sorry. Yet another blitzbuild-fail for me. Are there two again next year? I hope so. I love it.


The Polaris is a great little kit which I can thoroughly recommend. It is ideally suited to blitzbuilding too, I should say.


See you in May, Blitzoids.



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