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RAF Vehicle schemes - a cry for help

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Hi all


In an attempt to get back to actually building models (as opposed to just buying and planning them!) I decided to have a go at some military vehicles, the reason being that as a mainly aircraft modeller, I know next to nothing about this subject and so wouldn't get bogged down in highly accurate colours etc.. Just an OOB build. That was the plan; however . . . 🙂 


After being unable to find the Airfix Bedford QLT & Bedford QLD Trucks in the stash (or what used to be the garage - sometimes I wonder why I have a database of kits, they're never where they're meant to be) I decided on the old Airfix refueling kit. Aware of the problems with the QL (small wheels, booms not applicable to wartime vehicles) I made a start on the AEC. I also discovered I had the D-Day Assault set and so the vehicles from that (Tilly and Bedford MWC) were added to the workbench.


I then started looking at what colours they should be . . . and suddenly I was in drawn in to accuracy again! Thanks to the excellent research of Mike Starmer (


) I know the timeline for the various colours and schemes, as well as mixes for the colours. 


I'd like to have the vehicles in a 1940 scheme, which is given as khaki green G3 with a 'disrupter' of Dark Green No.4. It's described as being bold horizontal/diagonal patterns of the two colours.


However, I seem to be unable to find any pictures/drawings online showing the scheme. I've found what I assume to be the later schemes with upper surfaces in a dark colour, and the 'Mickey Mouse' scheme, but nothing with a horizontal/diagonal pattern. Mention is made of MTP20 but I've had no luck with this either, other than mentions of it.


Would someone be able to point me in the right direction as to what pattern I should use?  I'd love to be able to be as accurate as possible, having gone from  'whatever the instructions say' to 'oh no, I must get it right' !


Any guidance gratefully received 🙂 


Many thanks




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My passion is Raf vehicles too jimbo and i will be following your build. I'm going to have a look for Mike Starmers colour guide too.

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