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Airfix 1/76 Scammel tank transporter with Cromwell tank

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Well, here's my first ever armoured build, and it will definitely not be my last. I started out wanting to build something in small scale and I got the Scammel tractor / transporter combination for a small price from a second hand site. Then I thought, what's a tank transporter without a tank so I purchased the Cromwell to go with it. I don't know very much about armour but I figured they would fit together. Both are nice kits to build although it's evident that the Scammel is a much older kit. The Cromwell went together just like that, while the Scammel took a bit more effort. The Scammel does lack a bit in detail so I added some small things like a rearview mirror, a pulley and some more items on the back of the tractor. Also the headlights were horrible but I managed to make them look a little better. 


To the transporter, which is also quite basic, I added track guiding blocks, stays for the ramps and a couple of pulleys. 


I didn't add anything to the Cromwell apart from the two aerials (thin copper wire), but I did replace the headlamp brush guards with brass wire as the ones from the kit were out of scale. The tank is not loaded with boxes and stuff and has no battle damage, I figure it's a new tank which has been out for a test drive or something. 


As I was building the kits and looking online for reference material it became clear that you cannot just put the tank on the transporter and be done with it. I wanted to add detail for that so I found some nice looking chain, shackles, tow hooks and cables on ebay. Apart from that, I scratched a towing yoke and a pulley block. I spent quite a bit of time on all of this but I find it's well worth it. 


WIP here: 



Overall, I'm happy with how it turned out, but there's enough to improve on the next build. I liked this one so much I went ahead and got Takom's 1/72 M1070 / M1000 combi with the bulldozer on it, which should keep me busy for a while 🙂 


Enough said, here are some pics: 




















Full album here


Thanks for watching, and for the tips and encouragements along the way! Much appreciated. 

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Wow! You've done a great job with these, especially the Scammell, which I built (more than once) as a kid back in the day.  I can imagine the moulds will be past their best now but it still looks good when built.  I'm tempted to obtain one and do a Western Desert version 🤔





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I agree whole heartedly , really nice job jeroen, I'm  still only dipping my toes into 72nd armour and this is a very good model  from an old classic, ibg do some really nice stuff too 


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