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Yet another long term stash resident gets built. This is the old Esci Tu-22. I have no idea on its accuracy but it builds quite nicely and needs only a small amount of filler. One build note. Leave the engines off until after it's painted....

It's finished using Iraqi decals from the Revell version of the kit. The colours were a bit of a mystery so I've gone for a green scheme that appeared in a few photos.


48538936076_4379f69891_o.jpgz20190814_195950 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr


48539083872_d4e2c41de6_o.jpgz20190814_195924 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr


48539083942_ac1defaee9_o.jpgz20190814_195913 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr


48538936266_3fc2480378_o.jpgz20190814_195903 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

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Great to see this one built! I also wonder how are old Esci's Tu-22 and Tu-26 rated in terms of accuracy. Their competition is Trumpeter with modern technology and more details, but Trumpeter is already notorious for paying little attention to the accuracy.

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VERY nice build, Derek!  That is a smart-looking paint scheme!


Marco, there are a few issues with the old Italeri kit because it came out before there were accurate drawings and information available.


I have this kit and plan on using my L&M Resin set to correct the nose (wrong shape and length), horizontal stabilizers (too small and wrong "sweep" angle), fuselage (too short) plug extension, and ejection seats ( totally wrong type and shape, but hard to see in the small cockpit!).  I will also make a few cockpit corrections (the gunner should be facing to the rear) even though you can't see much, detail the navigator's area, and make a few corrections to the landing gear, and the length and shape of the engines.  A lot of work to make it more accurate but worth it, I think


That being said, it's still a pretty good, reasonably-priced starting point for a decent Tu-22 and builds into an impressive model, as seen here by Derek's example.





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Thanks for the comments folks. much appreciated. After a Blinder and a Backfire, I want to add a Bear and a Blackjack but space is becoming an issue......

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A serious looking machine, one of my favourite Soviet era aircraft (along with the above mentioned Blackjack). It definitely looks the part to me, especially in the Iraqi colours. Off to Ebay I go to try and find one...

Thanks for sharing, 


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