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US Navy Fighter Weapons School F-5s

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Some Navy F-5s of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (Top Gun).


159879, Nellis AFB, January 1981

159879 usnfws 541 KLSV 19810107 17cr


159880 Nellis AFB, January 1981

159880 usnfws 542 KLSV 19810107 18cr


159881, Nellis AFB, January 1981. Heart and diamond in the camouflage scheme beneath the canopy?

159881 usnfws 543 KLSV 19810107 11cr


159881 usnfws 543 KLSV 19810600 26cr


159882, Nellis AFB transient ramp, November 1980. Probably there to coordinate support for the NFWS detachment in January 1981.

159882 usnfws 540 KLSV 19801100 21cr


159882, NAS Miramar, March 1983

159882 usnfws 544 KNKX 19830329 34cr


160794, Nellis AFB transient ramp, January 1981.

160794 usnfws 545 KLSV 19810107 22cr


160964, Nellis AFB, January 1981

160964 usnfws 546 KLSV 19810100 00cr


160965, Nellis AFB, January 1981

160965 usnfws 547 KLSV 19810107 12cr


160965 usnfws 547 KLSV 19810107 08cr


190966, Nellis AFB, January 1981

160966 usnfws 550 KLSV 19810107 22cr


160966, NAS Miramar, March 1983

160966 usnfws 550 KNKX 19830329 01cr


162307, Andrews AFB transient ramp, June 1986

162307 usnfws 541 KADW 19860621 04cr


162307 usnfws 541 KADW 19860621 06cr


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Always a highlight when Sven posts some more top pictures. Given the time period, the subjects and the quality of the pics I would be very interested in buying books using his material.

How about it Sven?

Thanks for posting, R

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On 8/16/2019 at 9:51 AM, Ralph said:

How about it Sven?

I've considered it, but my discussions with others with similar collections claim the market is rather narrow and soft for such publications unless a highly focused theme can tie the images together.



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oh come on!!! I have just finished one on Japanese Starfighters and about to be published via Blurb in a month or so (great plug eh? 🙂 )


It was good fun creating it if you have enough time and some great pictures, which you do



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