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Flashpoint Russia - Russia Air Power Capabilities & Structure - Harpia Publishing via Casemate UK


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Flashpoint Russia - Russia Air Power Capabilities & Structure

ISBN : 9780997309270

Harpia Publishing via Casemate UK




In recent time the state of the Russian Air Force has undergone something of a revival. From the darker days following the collapse of Communism. Due mainly to the price of oil and Russia's exports in the field since 2009 they have invested in modern military equipment, and modernisation of existing assets.  Today's VKS (Russian Aerospace Forces) were created as a result of the absorption of the Air Defence Troops (VPVO) by the Air Force (VVS) in 1998, and then a merger of the Air Force with the Aerospace Defence Troops (VVKO) in 2015. 




This book which is the froth in Harpia's series on Russia examines the capabilities and structure which are now present in the VKS.  The book is 143 pages long, soft back and colour throughout. The VKS is broken down into the different regional commands, as well as those of a central nature. The book is illustrated throughout by colour maps, tables and many colour photos of current VKS Assets. 







Despite being the forth title in the series on Russia this book does work as a stand alone reference on the current order of battle of the Aerospace Forces (VKS) and other operators of military aircraft in Russia. Recommended for fans of modern Russian Aviation. 





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