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1944 - Having A Ball With Chain Lightning - Redux

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Since the original post "1944 -- Having A Ball With Chain Lightning" somehow went T.U., I thought I'd try again, although this time, I'll add just a pic or two and see if the post "takes". If it does, I will edit the post and complete the original first installment!  We'll see.


Anyway, since I was born in 1944, and the Lockheed XP-58 Chain Lightning first flew that year, and since I've had the Planet Models offering in the stash forever, and this finally seems like a good reason to actually build it, here goes.  First, the model:




Above right, as is my custom, I immediately began the build in a non-standard manner (Instructions?  Instructions?  Real men don't need no instructions!).  I began by gluing the cockpit side panels to their respective fuselage halves, taking care to position them so that the cockpit floor, etc. would fit later.  I also glued the horizontal stabilizer/rudder to one of the two tail booms, assuring that the parts met at a 90 degree angle.  Note that the lower fuselage half -  the right side - had a bit of a slight warp to it. This influenced my descision to assemble the kit by NOT following the instructions.


Now, we'll see if this post takes, before moving on.



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