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1/72 SBS Fiat G.50 "Croatian Air Force"

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

here's my 1/72 SBS Fiat G.50 in colors of the Croatian Air Force in 1943.

This was my very first full-resin kit, and while parts look beautifully crisp in the box, assembly is complicated by some fit issues.

Wing-fuselage and engine-fuselage joints were the worst offenders.

In the hands of an experienced resin modeller, this kit could turn into an absolute show-stopper - I'm just not one of them ….


Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, photographed by Wolfgang Rabel.

Thanks for your interest.
















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3 hours ago, Parabat said:

I think you might be overly harsh on yourself and your efforts - that's a very well turned out model. Simple, effective lines, it looks very good and is an intriguing subject.


Thanks for the heads-up, Parabat!

Close inspection of the kit reveals the problems:

-guns don't line up with the fairings exactly

-cockpit doors don't line up with the fuselage shape

-wing/fuselage joint was totally off with the fuselage being wider than the wing root, resulting in tedious sanding sessions

-vertical rudder is too short and requires extension with plastic, otherwise you end up with a nasty gap

-fuselage/engine joint was problematic, with the part just aft the engine (naca intake ring)  too wide to fit the fuselage

-engine itself does not fit the cowling without modification

I was somewhat disappointed that  I couldn't bring this beautifully cast kit to the standard it deserves.

Guess I need more experience with resin kits, next I'll try a tank!







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Good build Roman. I can clearly see the problem with vertical tailplane base mentioned before and it also seems that numbers were printed off the register with portions of white protruding on sides. I like the overall paintjob of your models!

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Hi My Friend Roman!!!


Have watched carefully this build and really watch that you have mastered The Beast!!! Congratulations for your wonderful results and the choice of paint scheme made this bird looks resplendent and exuding a great air of freshness and appearance.

I liked a huge lot the way you have detailed the bird and the carefully weather you have used in this nice build. I want to remember you that “Not all that is bright is gold and not all that is red is blood”,  so this kit is TOTALLY a new approach of modeling to you, and really think that for being your first effort in the resin complete kit that you have built, you succeed in every front.

Maybe the kit has some problems as you have related, really think all the kits, being them mainstream, vacform or resin have them, BUT is in the “Art of being a Real Modeler” the dexterity and knowledge to master very challenge each kit gives and feel confident about what is coming next with the lessons learned in the previous build for the next.

Keep on my friend and go for another resin subject, better if go after an aircraft subject!!!

Thank you very much for sharing!!!



Luis Alfonso

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