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Images of F-16B, s/n 80-0635, when it was operating with the LANTIRN Combined Test Force at Edwards AFB. LANTIRN is an acronym for Low Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared for Night. The LANTIRN system consisted of two pods beneath the F-16 engine intake. On the left was the AN/AAQ-113 navigation pod (NVP) containing a terrain following radar and forward-looking infra-red sensor. On the right was the AN/AAQ-14 targeting pod (TGP) containing an infra-red sensor and a laser designation system.  


The LANTIRN CTF tested the LANTIRN system target designation, weapons delivery, and terrain following performance. Another important evaluation was what is referred to as the "pilot-vehicle interface" (PVI), the utility and human factors of the displays and controls as integrated into the F-16. The LANTIRN CTF operated beside the F-16 CTF and was part of the 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center. The LANTIRN test force was absorbed into the F-16 CTF in 1988.


March 1984

80-0635 lantirn ctf ED KEDW 19840309 06cr


The LANTIRN logo

80-0635 lantirn ctf ED KEDW 19840309 07cr



80-0635 lantirn ctf ED KEDW 19840309 08cr


There was a large version of the shield painted on a wall in the General Dynamics maintenance office with the tank illustration replaced with red outlined mountains on either side and a red F-16 bouncing between the mountain sides down the valley. "Havoc in the Dark" indeed.


January 1989

80-0635 lantirn ctf ED KEDW 19890100 12cr


Three tank "kills" added to the intake


80-0635 lantirn ctf ED KEDW 19890100 14cr


Interesting "kill" markings...

80-635 f-16ctf ED KEDW 19890100 13cr


Another LANTIRN CTF bird, 81-0688

61-0688 lantirn ctf ED KEDW 19840719 01cr

The cannon ammo drum has been replaced with a flight test instrumentation tape recorder (there's no cannon in there either).


Microscale did LANTIRN CTF markings for F-16B 81-0816 on sheet 72-256.


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