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1961 E-Type Jaguar


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No, should be 72 spoke 15 inch, not 48 spokes...but have you seen the Airfix versions?


.....I could always ring the insurance company and inform them I've put some pepper pot alloys on it 🤣

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I only have ever built one Airfix kit with spoke wheels. It was one of the motorbike series but aĺl that i remember was the spokes dissolving into the  Humbrol silver paint. 

I'd therefore recommend the aftermarket options. 



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A start!


Front suspension components added to the floor pan...more sink holes and flash on this model than I have seen in a while...an OOB build is going to require a lot of fettling to make it look halfway reasonable....from a distance!


Oh, and if you do an OOB build, don't park it on a slope...there's no handbrake!!!




The kit wheels are just so abysmal!




Two huge sink holes in the vast expanse of bonnet were sanded and polished out but the grey plastic hides loads of imperfections so...



A coat of matt black to find them all!




with the wet matt black on it confirmed my thoughts of finishing it in gloss black with tan leather and black carpets.

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Apologies for not commenting earlier on this build Worms, must have bern busy either updating this or the Frog GB. Either way, glad you’ve made a start on this Jaguar which must surely be one of the best looking objects to come out of 1961! 


Cheers and great going so far.. Dave 

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5 hours ago, Jinxman said:

Heavy duty treatment, I can sleep safely now! Much better.


What type of lathe are you using?

Ha ha, a bit of overkill....a model A Boxford rear drive with Norton gearbox...not exactly a model making lathe 🤣

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Some progress on the wheels, some paint and fit the first set of spokes with a spacer/hub to fit the axles.




Then cup the next set of spokes (using a toooth paste tube top as a support for the spoke edges and a small pin vice to carefully apply pressure to the required angle) and attach the outer set...






Then superglue the spokes to the spacer...




Finally, mounted onto the stub axles of the rear dif assembly




They are not technically correct as there are two rows of 32 spokes and the outer is 16...80 in total, the E-type had 72 but I couldn't find the right combination and too few looked wrong. I think that they are a massive improvement over the kit wheels though.

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The kit also has lacks any attempt at including the swoopy base of the headlamp nacelle shown below (the silver bit under the headlamp covers).




so...trusty bits of stiff card were shaped and CA'd in.






.....Look at all the dust in the paintwork!

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1 hour ago, Jinxman said:

Nice scoops! Not sure about those headlamps though - any plans for 'em?

Yep, just drilled a pilot hole in them , next step a centre drill to countersink the headlamps....some fancy shiny paint/foil and Kristal Klear for the lenses...or similar 😍

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Having experimented with Alclad II 107 Chrome I wasn't massively impressed with the results so, having done some high falutin' research I am now on experiment mk ii. Again this involves coating the parts in black prior to applying a second hi-tech U-V activated clear primer followed by an even more high tech material...I had to broach the subject very carefully with Mrs. Worms but...an initial experiment on some sprue seemed to work very, very well...and she was quite happy to be involved with the experimentation (although I get the feeling this is going to cost me one way or another....).


The chrome colour is good but the depth of shine in real life is pretty impressive!




excuse the awful photos, the paint isn't really out of focus... must dig out the DSLR....🤔


I have some spare PE spoke sections left so I will also experiment with those. If it works on those as well as it has on the sprue I will be dismantling the wheels and re-finishing...



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