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Hello everyone,

I wasn't sure where to put this as it's mostly figures but maybe later I will be adding vehicles so I guess Science Fiction it is.

I was introduced to warhammer about 2 years ago by my college flatmate. he wasn't into building and or playing but had lots of books and a very good looking wallpaper on his computer so I went out and bought my first set of figures. it was the easy to build primaris intersessors with the paints. they came out okay and I gifted them to my flatmate. but somehow I was fixed... Over the last 2 years I bought the dark imperium starter set, the start collecting sets of Space marines and adeptus mechanicus, and some other sets. some of the models where started and some almost finished but mainly not. I am mostly a modeller, so my figures will be display pieces more than gaming equipment. I have not jet started reading the rules book but will do so someday...😅

So I guess now is the time that I start building and more importantly painting all those models to give me an army for the unlikely event that I will find someone in my vicinity to play with...

I will start this thread with a terminator squad. they look awesome and should boost my mojo for this project.

Before I show you the pictures of my progress so far I want to express my admiration for the work of @Will Vale I hope to someday, with lots of practice, come close to your painting and photographing skills.

that being said... my pictures are horrible and my painting skills... well those figures are something else than my usual ships...

so let's get started



I started to decide the poses and equipment each model should get. I have no idea whether this is conforming to the rules or not, it just looks cool and gives an interesting squad.


I joined as much as I thought was good for painting and after sanding all mold lines and drilling out the gun barrels I fixed them with blue tac.


After priming everything with alclad primer I started with a basecoat of tamiya flat blue. I used tamiya because I had not much luck with airbrushing the citadel paints. I will experiment more when I get my hands on some flow improver as the tamiya paint retarder did not work so well.

I also started the head of the squad leader... (Now I wish I had a good camera on a tripod)

Its mostly sephia and light pink washes over white basecoat follows by some highlights... I'm still practicing blending colors in smooth transitions and I will most likely go over it again.


please excute the red around the mouth... It looks like he had a long kissing with a lady of the night😅

I did not see exactly where the mouth was until I took the picture... I will fix that later and use my magnifying glasses to properly paint the lips (if I get the paint to the right consistency)

Anyways... All tips, criticism, jokes, and general comments welcome!


Cheers Konrad

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Well, not much progress over the weekend but I managed to build myself a lightbox for taking photos


which brings the quality of my pictures to a whole new level, even though I still use a phone for it.

here‘s an example:


I also went over the face again, this time wearing 3,5x magnifiers and got it to a point where it still looks rough in closeup but rather ok from a normal viewing distance.



That‘s it for now


cheers Konrad

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I wasn’t happy with the blue over gray primer so I gave them all a coat of black followed by a white highlight from above. Therefore I blue tacked the arms to the models in the desired position.



I then gave them several light coats of blue until I was happy with it. The panels show a nice gradient. I might go over it again adding a few drops of white to the blue to emphasize the highlight a little further.



I also made some progress on the little beacon thingy that was also in the box

I‘m pretty happy with the yellow and hope to get a nice finish on the red light on top. Still in progress I have to say!


that’s it for today.

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Very impressive, as you say, that light box is a game changer. 

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Today I made some progress on the squad leader/ sergeant by blocking in the other colors and then I tried to get some smooth highlights on the blue and white. On these close ups it looks really crude but from normal viewing distance it's quite convincing...

First time using a wet palette for this. It makes painting a little bit easier but I still lack talent/experience to get the results I was hoping for. Well I guess it can only get better from here.


I'm undecided whether to continue with this figure or bring the others to the same level first...


Any comments welcome


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A bit more progress.

blue and white are finished, gold still has to get shades and highlights. and the sword needs some attention



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