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I started the first figure for the diorama posted under dioramas "Operation Phantom Furry" USMC wearing MARPAT. At 1/35th scale digital squares are barely discernible. I tried several methods to replicate the pattern with paint iether the pixels were out off scàle or looked too round trying to use a brush or sponge.


Then I found camouflage decals from Cross Delta in MARPAT desert what a life saver! I did a few trials as  putting a 2D object on a 3D object would prove to be challenging. The decals are thick twice what your used too, I applied Micro-Sol decal softener it helped the decal bend after about 2 min it became exceptional playable. Working it in the creases with a brush moistened with micro-sol it conformed like fabric. Cut roughly to the size of say a lower arm sleeve and then a second piece for the upper arm.




I let it dry overnight the decal further worked its way into the underlying details I was amazed at the results. Next I noticed it was too shiney so a coat of AK Interactive ultra matt varnish took care of that giving the decal a fabric look.







I am chasing that elusive "Coyote Brown" for the load bearing vest if anyone has a lead on the proper colour in Vallejo. There is a ton of work to do on this figure but for the start I am happy with the camouflage the camera changes the colour a bit.


Started working on the heads and some of the other gear.



Heads were painted with seven layers of Vallejo acrylic then a little 5 o'clock shadow added.



Marine gear painted in the Coyote Brown- Vallejo 71.024 Khaki brown great match then washed with 76.523, 76.514 finally a coat of AK interactive ultra matt.  




Some Marines during the campaign maintained the woodlands camouflage pattern on vests and pouches. I did the camouflage first next ill do the MARPAT desert then add the gear, head and hands.


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I am just taking a break from the figures to work on other projects ill be back at these around end Nov. Cross delta has most patterns its just hard finding a store that has stock.

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