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Deutsches technkmuseum, Berlin


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Hi Guys, Images from the Deutsches Technikmuseum in Berlin. The museum from the footbridge over the Lanwehr Canal. The C-47 used to sit outside the big terminal at Tempelhof.


48334858206_3930755204_b.jpgEurope 261


This is a model of the Deutsches Luftfahrt Sammlung, the Nazis' big aviation museum, which opened in 1936 to coincide with the XI Olympiade, the centrepiece of which was the Dornier Do X. Choccy fish if you can name all the aircraft.


48335003122_5e3e342060_o.jpgEurope 265


This is what the main entrance looked like; note the Spitfire at bottom right. The museum caught fire during an air raid in 1943 and most of the collection was destroyed, some airframes survived and are now in the collection of the MLP in Cracow. The Airco DH.9A at Hendon used to be there.


48264636751_985e51484e_b.jpgBerlin Tour 15


This is a 'then and now' comparison. It was taken on Alt Moabit next to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof, just across the Spree River from the Reichstag.


48264636816_6f9e1fdb77_b.jpgBerlin Tour 14


Arado Ar 96.


48334858071_95e28f3117_b.jpgEurope 266


Nord 1100 Noralpha.


48335003027_e296c494fc_b.jpgEurope 268


Ju 88G and Fi 156.


48335003052_545b7d648b_b.jpgEurope 269


Bf 110 and Fw 44.


48334857926_bbc26faa40_b.jpgEurope 270


Ju 87.




A slice of the Dornier Do X.


48335002982_9c37b98d6e_b.jpgEurope 271


More to come.


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SNCAC Martinet.


48334857901_ec1d2f2484_o.jpgEurope 272




48334857871_d6f34ba13f_o.jpgEurope 273


Klemm Kl 35B.


48334857721_9635c13973_o.jpgEurope 274


Arado Ar 79.


48334857686_66480fbc97_o.jpgEurope 275


Nord 1002 Pengouin.


48334857656_50bc78de50_o.jpgEurope 276


Bf 109E.


48335002687_3df82c9cb5_o.jpgEurope 277


Nude Gotha Go 242.


48334857626_106f798dbe_o.jpgEurope 278


Bucker Bu 181 Panzerfaust.


48334857611_37a43ee776_o.jpgEurope 279


He 162.


48335002662_99cde71166_o.jpgEurope 280


Missiles and miscellany.


48334857521_25db0765ce_o.jpgEurope 281


Thanks for looking.

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Lovely pics, I went about three years ago. Some good exhibits on top of what you put up. An interesting museum. The railway stuff is good as well, including an HO scale model of the Anhalter Banhof  which is run most weekends and is a work in progress. The station was bombed in 1944 and then destroyed in the fighting around the centre of Berlin in 1945. The entrance to the museum has the Cessna 172 that Mathias Rust landed near the Kremlin in 1987. We stayed opposite the remains of the station, which have been tided up. 

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The remains of Anhalter Bahnhof, to jog your memory further, Mr T.


48264721437_c6223b3ee4_b.jpgBerlin Tour 70


An illustration within the Anhalter Bhf U-bahn station.


48264721357_ae80a7b57c_b.jpgBerlin Tour 71


More of Berlin if you are interested:




This is a walking tour that I completed within a day. It's not captioned, so you might have to guess why I've photographed what I have.

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