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1/48 - Mil Mi-28 "Havoc" by Kitty Hawk - 3D renders in design


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Finally! As expected, it will be a newer Mi-28N variant, but I really hope they'd also release the original Cold War Mi-28A. I prefer that era, plus its nose looked better, IMHO

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Mi-28 - rotor diameter: 17.20 m (56 ft 5 in) and fuselage length: 17.91 m (58 ft 9 in) - source Wikipedia: link

- 17,20 m/48= 35,83 cm; 17,91 m/48= 37,31 cm

In the drawing you read clearly "354. 375". So most probably a 1/48th kit. QED.



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2 hours ago, LUCIANO007 said:

It was about time. Still would not expect it to be out in less than a few months...

No hurries please!

Take your time and do it right :)


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Very good news, ca,"t wait to get one. I'm so grad that KIttyhawk release the forgetten aircraft, espccially the russian subject.


So the next coming kit to build whould be:






what's next? Su-30 MMK?

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