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Honda RA273 F1 (1/12), father-daughter build!

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Hi there guys,


Beginning of this month I decided to start an out of box-build to allow myself to some modelling without thinking too much, setting the Delage 15-S-8 scratchbuild project on hold for a bit. I'll certainly resume that later, so no worries there. 



The Honda RA273 was a Formula 1 car from the '60s... not really successfull but it looked beautiful and sounded impressive. I chose Youtube vlogs as a medium to present the build to my colleague modellers. As my daughter participates and she doesn't speak English, the spoken language is Dutch but as long as there is interest I'll put into English subtitles featuring 1) a translation of the written tips and tricks throughout the videos; and 2) a summary of what's happening. These subtitles start from the ninth video! 


The first eight videos

Note: there are no subtitles for the first eight videos but I'll describe them so you know what's in there. In the first vlog I describe the character of the build (out of box insofar a part won't turn out to be ugly... in those cases we'll try to improve on the kit). This first vlog also offers a look into the box and the instructions. In the second video I discuss given reactions, briefly explain how an injected moulded kit is produced and why the parts had best be cleaned before starting the build. The cleaning process is shown. My daughter Karmijn participates. The third vlog discusses viewers reactions as well as a big problem, occurring even before the build commences! The kit is not complete by far. But a solution is found. Karmijn tells a joke and shares her opinion on the kit model. In the fourth vlog I tell Karmijn she's going to get an important role in the build. Selected parts are cut from the sprues and cleaned (sanded). In the fifth vlog the engine block is glued using liquid poly. We see how it's important that the instructions are studied and understood before the glueing starts. Also, a dryfit is always a good idea. The sixt vlog treats, among other things, cleaning and glueing of the rims. In the seventh vlog the parts to be painted white are cut off and cleaned. Some building tips are given (but they are not written down yet). In the brief eighth vlog I explain that the next videos are going to be more brief and to the point. The vlogs thus far were 13-17 minutes each and I think that didn't provide an optimal viewer experience, although it is nice to see Karmijn work diligently. 


The ninth video

In the ninth video all the parts that will need to be painted white are glued insofar possible. The video is much more compact than the previous ones. It's the first one I have subtitled. All conversations have been translated, leading to a lot of work... next videos I'll only add subtitles to summarise the build and to translate all on-screen tips provided throughout the video. 



What can you do?

If you like this project, for example because you enjoy the father-daughter build progress, to see Karmijn improve her skills along the way, or perhaps you enjoy the tips given throughout the videos, then you can help by liking the video on Youtube, write a reaction on the forum or on Youtube, and/or subscribe to our Youtube channel (see text below). Karmijn and I would much appreciate all of this, especially if you choose to subscribe, and it would keep me motivated to keep adding translations to the videos. Plus, you'll get a non-disturbing notification whenever there's a new video. 


Hopefully you'll enjoy and we'll be able to build a nice almost-OOB racing car! In due time I'll get back to the Delage and/or Honda MP4/6 builds. 

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I tried to perform this kind of challenge with my younger son many years ago, with an "apache" helicopter, and never got beyond the stage of cutting off a dozen of parts from the first sprue !


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Hi Thierry, good to hear from you! Comparing to your son I'm fortunate my daughter has been eager to learn thus far... wonder whether she'll keep this motivated till the end but we'll have to see. Thanks for checking in! Also thanks for the others who clicked 'like', I do appreciate it.


I added subtitles to the tenth video, the last one we made until now. Subtitles only regard the given tips, as well as a summary of what's being done. Much less work! Curious to know what you guys think of this summarised subtitling.


If the English texts not shown right away, please click the subtitles icon. 



Video #10: powdering the nose

- The nose of the Honda is corrected, first by reducing angles. 

- Next a dent in the plastic is filled and smoothed. 

- Meanwhile, tips #12-19 are given.




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Vlog #11: preparing sections 1 and 2

- Karmijn and I discuss using putty vs super glue as filler; and how to sand if using super glue.

- Aris provides a tip about the previous vlog. The first user tip was born ;)

- The body is dryfitted.

- We have a look at a method to double-check whether a filled section is nice and even. 

- The build order is discussed while taking a look at the instructions.

- The final 16 parts are cut loose and cleaned before construction is started. 

- Karmijn answers two viewers questions.

- Tips #20-24 are interposed. 


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Vlog 12: before priming

- The parts to be primed are glued onto sticks (super glue + accelerator).

- We describe where to easily get free sticks.

- What types of sticks to use for which parts? 

- How to clean your applicator in a simple but effective way? 

- The parts are washed and their sticks are pushed into foam. Be sure not to use dusty foam! 

- This video is rather short, but contains no less than 10 tips (#25-#34).



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Vlog 12: reactions and (viewer's) tips

- Interesting reactions regarding the previous vlog are discussed. 

- There are four new viewer's tips and two regular tips. 

- For English viewers, the subtitles are only translations of the tips & tricks. References to the next tip are always given so that going through the video should not take longer than one minute.


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I have stopped adding subtitles to these videos as there doesn't seem to be too much interest. No hard feelings, some things work and some things don't. 


Those who are curious how my daughter is doing regarding this project, I'd recommend to subscribe to my channel to receive notifications. 


Here the latest video, #16 (for #14 and #15, see the channel). 



I might give a status update at one point in time, if there's substantial progress.

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It's not a lack of interest from her, rather I noticed (mainly Youtube statistics) that almost nobody from abroad is watching these vlogs. Little point in subtitling them then..


No, she's quite motivated and her airbrushing skills will probably soon surpass mine. The Honda now is white (second layer of white paint, one more to go). 


By the way, painting order is inspired on your step plan as set out in the Rolls Royce topic! Still glad I got to study all that before Photobucket went ehm... how to put it mildly... well, before it went. 

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