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In The Year I Was Born Gallery

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Post your completed builds here. No more than five photos per entry.

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 North American Harvard IIB FT246, FDMX of the CFS RAF Little Rissington.

Depicts one of the many that were taking part in the static at Odiham for the Queens Coronation Review 1953.

Heller kit. CMR vacform canopy decals from various generic sets.








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1959 Revell X-15


built straight from the box, with a tiny bit of surgery on the nosewheel door:






I can’t quite bring myself to stick such a windowless canopy over such a lovely OOB cockpit!


Build thread (such as it is) here.


Thanks to the GB - I had a blast on this one, must build more unicolour shake’n’bake kits! Ha, just kidding...


Thanks for looking,



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1944 -- First Flight of the Lockheed XP-58 Chain Lightning -- 1/72 Planet Models












Build thread  HERE:


Unless it gets moved to where it's supposed to be...



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1971 - U.S.M.C. First operation of the AV-8A Harrier VMA-513 MCAS Beaufort South Carolina. This is the old 1/72 Hasegawa Harrier. I scratch built a couple of items not in the box. First up was the large angled antenna on the spine. 9kIbT1L.jpg



Second was the raised area around the camera port on the lower port nose. The kit is smooth there and only provides a decal. I used the decal after blending in a thin sheet of plastic to achieve the raised area. 




Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and give your thoughts in my build log. Thank you for looking, thank you to the hosts, and please enjoy the builds. 



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Airfix Avro Anson Mk I - Released 1962


Built OOB using Red Roo Decals for No 1 Air Observer School RAAF













(Not sure what it is doing parked on a English airfield though?)

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1964 - Vickers VC 10.


Airfix new mould 1964.

VC10 certified 22 April 1964.

G-ARVF flew the first VC 10 crossing of the Atlantic on 8 Feb 1964, returning the next day.

G-ARVF flew the last of the African Route proving flights, returning to London on 14 March 1964.

6 June 1964 at approximately 0430hrs I arrived in to the world.

G-ARVF formally delivered to BOAC on 4 September 1964 (though she was originally registered to BOAC back on 16 January 1963 she had remained the property of Vickers up to the delivery).

WIP linked here.











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It was 1957, and the Airfix Cutty Sark (and me) were unleashed unto the world. The inspiration for this build was a book called 'The Ice Schooner' by Michael Moorcock where the seas were frozen over and ships were on skis. I used the hull halves from the kit, the rest was scratch-built or from various photo-etch sets. Sails were made from layout paper.


A build log is here if anyone wants a peep!













It was a fun build while it lasted!


All the best,




PS, I did use the four bits of the stand too at one stage to keep it upright...

Edited by Ray S
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1976 World Record “Beater” Blackbird 985

Finished and not what I “Eggspected” to make the gallery first. 


Hasegawa Egg-71, brush painted with Humbrol enamel 85 and Matt varnish.

DDBFA240-605C-4B1C-848C-17F38F358166 C9C86674-011B-43C1-AAEA-143507A0A52C 63878AEF-DAAD-4509-A215-D08B88FE90E0 6BE27572-62E0-411F-9439-D1380BEA588E 58554927-0FA6-4273-915B-26E90178E7BA


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Celebrating the year 1965 I present the Britten Norman BN2 Islander. An aeroplane whose first flight was in 1965, coincidentally the year I was born. 

I'm not sure if this represents the longest production run of an airliner but they are still being made, 54 years after that maiden first flight. 


 Kit is from Valom 1/48 released in 2018. Model is almost from the box but the scheme is a mix of hand painting and home made decals. Build thread here. 


20191006_155318 20191006_155152









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1979 - Luftwaffe Tornado IDS, Holloman AFB


1/72 Revell kit, entirely OOB. Paints: Gunze.











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1976 P34 Tyrrell Japanese GP driven by Jody Schekter

The legendary F1 Commentator Murray Walker once said “Stop the startwatch” and “ There is the man wearing the green flag”

49E03893-8ECD-4873-AEA9-32B455BCF6F5 717361A8-FCAB-4BDE-82F4-2EE767021884 A60CB231-AB77-4390-A4E1-E48913A850E1 0E9F78D8-8C9B-4F31-89DB-3FF941998EBA 36669E1E-AD2A-4E7A-97E9-F1AE99E3D1D7


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For my first ever entry into a BM group build, here is Special Hobby's D-558-2 "Skyrocket" in 1/72, built pretty much OOB. On November 20, 1953 Scott Crossfield broke the Mach 2 "barrier", reaching Mach 2.005 in a shallow dive. It was the only Mach 2 flight the Skyrocket ever made. A few weeks later, I was born.












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Swift F.2 from the Airfix FR5 kit and the Freightdog conversion. The Swift fighter entered service with 56 Sqn nine days after I was born on 20th February 1954, the F.2 as depicted here followed in August 1954. All the fighters were withdrawn in March 1955, when it became clear that the Swift was incapable of performing its role as a interceptor fighter due to lack of altitude performance and some questionable handling qualities. However, the Swift was robust and with some changes was an effective low altitude performer and had a reasonably successful, if fairly brief career with two fighter reconnaissance squadrons with RAF Germany. 

The conversion kit was reasonably straightforward, but requires careful cutting and it surprising how much plastic is replaced by new resin. i enjoyed this group build having the F.2 the hard way from a Pegasus kit in the late 1980's (a big advantage of that kit was the thickness of the plastic)





Swift F2 18

Build thread is here


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1965 Heller released their Bloch MB 152, as I also turned up in the same year it would have been just plain rude not to combine the two !

Even better this one was already in the stash....result :yahoo:










Cheers Pat

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Celebrating '65, the long-lived North American Rockwell OV-10A Bronco, straight OOB.  This would have been in Binh Thuy, South Vietnam, late 1969.  This was a USNavy aircraft, therefore flown by the Marines.   A very fun build for me although I was unhappy with the decal quality.  Thanks for a splendid GB!















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Here is my version of the Airfix 1/72 scale McDonnell Banshee aka Banjo, the improved F2H-2 version of which entered service in the year of my birth 1949. Having made the alternative photo recce version when the kit came out, this time I have modelled the normal fighter version in the markings of VF121, the Blue Bolts, as it might have looked when they deployed to Korea a couple of years later.












The lighting could have been better but when the sun does finally come out it is low down and rather orange in tone so I took the pics in part shade. Could have been a bit glossier but the varnish was acting up.


A nice easy build which brings back a few memories.

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Here's mine, an Alouette III of the Helicopter Flight, Irish Air Corps, June 1968 and just a month before my noisy arrival.

This a/c 195 was the first to be accepted into service and served for more than 40 years in Air Ambulance, SAR and transport roles.


Build thread is here but to recap:


Kit: Heller 1/72 Alouette III "Securite Civile" boxing

Build: Out of box with tape for belts and teabag (!) for engine mesh.

Paints: Revell Acrylics with an airbrush, Klear, small panel wash

Decals: Max Decals for Irish Air Corps courtesy of @rs2man


49051218646_640533cf37_b.jpgHeller Alouette III IAC_Done (8) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


49051431652_ee7d27dc8c_b.jpgHeller Alouette III IAC_Done (10) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


49051430592_dc5f348292_b.jpgHeller Alouette III IAC_Done (17) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


49053031128_569ee1dc16_b.jpgHeller Alouette III IAC_Done (22) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


49050711548_a1131822f3_b.jpgHeller Alouette III IAC_Done (13) by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr


Thanks to @Rabbit Leader and @Sabre_days for a great GB and here's to the next one.


Happy modelling.



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This is an attempt to recreate pre-flight the ‘02’ MiG-21 flown by Russian pilot, 35-year-old Captain Gennady N. Eliseev, who in 1973 courageously and fatally rammed an Iranian/US RF-4C Phantom spy plane at supersonic speed after firing off both his K-13 missiles unsuccesfully and having an incapacitated canon. 


This eduard kit was great and went together without fuss - this was OOB (with the exception of some decals).

I really enjoyed the build, putting perhaps too much energy into the wheel wells and cockpit - all of which is pretty hidden. I learnt a lot about attempting Bare metal finishes (mostly how not to do it 🙃) and I overindulged in weathering a bit too much but now i know for next time. Theres a bunch of mistakes i made on this but it was fun to do.


Thanks to Dave for continued support and encouragement and those tuned in along the way. Cheers gents!












Build thread is here if you’re interested...





Edited by Dansk

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