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Hi All, I have finally finished this model that I originally started for the 'Trainers' Group Build.  It is the old mould Airfix 1/72 model I picked up on evilbay over eight years ago for the princely sum of £1.20.  It had no decals or instructions, but the seller had been honest about that so I knew what I was expecting.


The decals are the Xtradecal 2008 Display Hawks, and all the decals with white like the roundels and flashes have a white decal base with the colour decal on top.  For example, the underside decal was made up of fourteen separate pieces, but I used eight and painted the rest.  Paint is Zero Paints black with Klear for the gloss.  The old mould doesn't have the very prominent det cord in the canopy, nor does it have wing fences and the vetral fins are the original small sized items.  The wing fences, ventral fins and pitot are scratch built and the pitot is from Albion Alloys tube.  The learner Driver and Instructor are from PJ Productions and are so much better than the kit items.


The base is a commercial MDF piece picked up at Telford for 10p and the acrylic rod was heated at about one-twenty degrees in the oven to soften it and then hand curved.


It all looks like this:












Thank you for stopping by to look.

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