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The only EE Lightning to see the combat - RSAF F.53, Airfix 1/48

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Hi comrades!


My next project will be Airfix Lightning in 1/48. I have F.6 boxing and I will build the Saudi F.53 model in NMF. Why RSAF - because they use Lightnings in real combat over the Yemen, why NMF - this is the livery of every RSAF Lightnings most of their service life.









Combat load will be underwing Matra 155 rocket pods. The pods will be from Reskit, pylons will be scratch built, dedicated sources - here:


The model will be riveted (it means the long build), otherwise NMF will look wrong

Planned aftermarket:


Engine nozzles - Aires

Seat - Quickboost

Pitot - Master

Cockpit - Eduard old (not painted) brass

Wheels - Armory

Decals - Model Alliance

REferences - internet, book "on target" and Ukrainian "Aviation and Time" magazine with riveting drawing





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8 hours ago, Tripio said:



Is there any progress on this?




Now busy with the Javelin build. Only ordered aftermarket parts - nozzles, etch, seat, Matra 155 and gathered some info about the underwing pylons.

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