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Has anyone got the idea of building an "mowing city" as in the book and movie 'Mortal Engines"?


Cheers / André

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Oldish post.

I had the idea, (although before the film came out, I’ve enjoyed the books for a long time). It amounted to a lot of 1/72 building, MDF, and a lot of scratchbuilding. Never finished it. If you wanted to do a larger city, though, you could use 1/144 or 1/220 scale buildings :)

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I suppose it depends on what sort of size you want. 1/144 or 1/220 scale buildings could work, but it would be fairly big if you wanted it to be somewhat of an actual city. It could work better if you could find some form of model cityscape instead. Something like these 1/2500 cityscapes, which seem fairly modular:






There's a variety of different ones - Skyscrapers, landmarks and even a Castle.


The actual movement part shouldn't be too difficult, you could just use 1/72 or 1/100 scale tanks or vehicles.

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