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Aveling and Porter steam road roller, Keil Kraft 1/72

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Another vehicle to be utilized as a prop for scale aircraft photography, fortunately in the same scale of the planes, 1/72nd.
A remarkable number of vehicles were released long ago by Keil Kraft, and slowly but steadily I have been buying an assortment, of which I already built a couple.
These are relatively simple molds with some reasonable detail. Their fit is fair and the breakdown is not cumbersome. Modelers may add detail to their satisfaction, (I did something of that on the double-decker posted here at some point, but with this one I limited my intervention to provide a few parts that were better replaced.  There are some simplifications and generalizations as many times is the case with complex machines rendered as models, but this old kit is tempting enough (and most fortunately affordable enough) and it's fun the build.
These machines were being produced at the dawn of the 20th century, and although still a lot are around (not in real working capacity, though), discretion should be used regarding which planes this model can be photographed with.
Photos are aplenty on the Net, old and new, and the small detail variations of the model are seemingly infinity, so chose your photos and build and paint accordingly.


The WiP is here:




















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