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WWII German Infantry (A00705) - 1:76

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WWII German Infantry (A00705)

1:76 Airfix




Although my childhood association with Airfix is rooted in scale model aircraft, there are many who grew up playing with their famous range of plastic soldiers and tanks. Now you can re-create the childhood adventures of Helmut and his mates, courtesy of the new Vintage Classics range. Inside the compact box you get six frames of figures, most of which are attached via the built-in base. This should give you a clue as to the market these figures were originally pitched at. Not for the hallowed halls of Telford were these soldiers. No, they were destined to slog it out with Tommy Atkins on the floors of bedrooms up and down post-war Britain. The large range of different poses include crawling/prone soldiers, as well as some crouching or standing and firing weapons. Also in the box are some machine gun and flame thrower crews, as well as some who are just standing around doing nothing. The quality of moulding is nothing remarkable, but that won't stop these little fellows evoking a smile from even the most stone-hearted of nostalgic modellers














These figures don't compare to modern offerings, but they are as cheap as chips and you get loads in the box. If you want to introduce a younger audience to the world of scale modelling, or even stick them at the back of a diorama, these figures can still do a job in 2019.




Review sample courtesy of 

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I bought one of these set for my son (8) and he can't get enough of them - he's bought a few more sets with his pocket money - they're easily affordable - ww2 is regularly re enacted on his bedroom floor though often with the inclusion of tie fighters and lego tanks.  Great to see :)

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2 hours ago, Yorkshire man said:

These were the 2nd generation version based on the 1/32 scale ones and much better for it.


I remember the early ones, very bloby and softly detailed. The only problem with downsising from 1/32 was they didn't sort out the inaccurate MP40s that look a lot like Thompson's.

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