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1/72 Bf-109 E4 airfix old kit. Paint advice


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Wrong place, I meant to post it in the WIP section, sorry.



Hi gents,


I finally manage to, almost, finish a kit! 

It's not really a work in progress but more a paint in progress / looking for advice post.


I found this kit for not much:



Construction went not so well, fuselage sides were not aligned, propeller axis gap not centered, etc...  but I enjoyed it.


I am painting with brushes, no airbrush, and I am struggling a bit with the shading.

Primer colour was white, I applied the basic colours, found the RLM65 too blue and added a hint of light grey. RLM02 and 71 were kept as it is.

I brushed a lighter thin layer on top of the basis (drop of white).

For the shading I, tried, to apply a darker colour along the panel lines and then a very thin layer of the basis.

Hopefully this is clear to you.

Here is the result:






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This took me quite some time and the result is not really convincing. How would you do it?


Another thing drove me crazy. How do you stop the paint from going underneath the tape and live its life?

The paint is quite thin, this thing is going all over the place. I cannot imagine what is going to happen to the F-16 waiting on the shelf...


Next I applied the varnish-decals-varnish-dark wash. I might have over-done it a bit:



How do you do the exhaust gas stain? Any picture?


Next will be the canopy. I tried to mask it..... I will have to try something else. 😀


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40 minutes ago, Stromness said:

This kit has a certain „Steampunk“ charisma....

Heavy flight schedule, very short turn-over time, no time for the ground crew to clean her a bit... 😀

But, yeah! I was a bit heavy for my first time!


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Wow I didnt realise they were still selling the 70s one in red boxes.  I built one of these last year, I thought the rivets added a certain period charm - it was one of the original first issue with "new" on the box and box art and transfers (not decals in 70s) that included swastikas.  It came out alright though I went for the desert option and my mottling wasn't brilliant, though everyone who's seen it is less critical about it than me.  The desert option avoided masking over the rivets though...

Your paint job looks great so far, keep at it.



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The paint may be leaking under do to those whacking great "rivets". 99% of the time I will run a thin bead of clear paint along the masking tape edge, wait an hour or so and then paint the colour

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