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1921 Canadian Fishing Schooner Bluenose 1/64 scale

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Incrediblness ( i know its not a word) continues! 

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16 hours ago, beefy66 said:

Amazing how much detail you can build in to your models and this gives me so much inspiration to always try and do mine to this high standard one day 👍🏻




Just trying to do as per the drawings Beefy but I tell ya it's the tools I have collected over the years helps me get to the detail I want, I can tell you your standard is right up there mate you don't have wait one day :clap2:


15 hours ago, Courageous said:

Definitely inspirational. Enough so, that I recently purchase the Airfix Bounty kit and The Anatomy of a Ship Book...but that rigging is scaring me death.




That is brilliant Stuart finish that one and then start a wooden Bounty, have three of those Anatomy of a ship books they are great.

Regarding rigging you should buy this book it is brilliant will be using it when I do the rigging on the Endeavour






It is full of pictures, here are a couple, this is just to show whats inside if this is not allowed please delete






Do have these two as well






I too have not done much rigging myself Stuart started on the Endeavour, 13 years ago :sad:  will be doing the Bluenose, I'am going to do as per Martain said, "do it in stages" :thumbsup:


14 hours ago, longshanks said:

What can I say . . . .    :shrug:






Always appreciate your comments Kev


3 hours ago, Hewy said:

Incrediblness ( i know its not a word) continues! 

:like: that word, its coming along eh I think this is one of my favorite hobbies (Wooden Ships) I do appreciate your comment


Off to visit grandkids in Fort St John for the long weekend so until then




37 minutes ago, Murdo said:

Lovely stuff!!!

Thanks very Much Murdo 

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7 hours ago, Ripaman said:

start a wooden Bounty

I haven't started the plastic one, let alone buying a wooden one! Thanks for the references, will keep an eye on them.



Edited by Courageous

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9 hours ago, Ripaman said:

but that rigging is scaring me death.



I agree with Richard on the Lennarth Petersson book. I have his books for fore & aft and square sail. Deals with each part as a separate subject. The model version can only be a step forward.

On the subject of rigging, you could set the vessel where she would have a sails sent down. Thereby halving the required rigging. 

One further bit of advice. If this is your first venture into a full rigged ship don't get bogged down in detail.

Looking forward to seeing you progress.

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