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Lockheed Hudson


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Hi All, please forgive the late entry but I was only given this one today by a friend I hadn't seen for a year and I thought it would be ideal for this GB. Its bit on the old side as it has 1963 on the inside of the wing and the interior is none existent, it has raised rivet detail but still fine compared to some kits. So some sprue shots.


Note the price. 59p reduced from £1.20! When did this go on sale.


Not many parts and quite a bit of flash on some.


Raised rivets.... but not the mole hills that later airfix kits suffered from.



The whole instructions is just 2 A4 sheets.


Kit decals, don't look to bad but I wont be using them, I think being 56 year old they'll probably wont come of the backing sheet. I found a picture of a captured Hudson in the Asian theatre with Japanese marking's so I'll go for that.


Made a start spraying the interior.


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This is the first time I've built a kit of this vintage but its been surprisingly good to put together. The plastic hasn't gone brittle like the older Hasegawa stuff but it takes a while for the liquid cement to work.


Wings, engines, tail plane and small glazing assembled. Engine faces and cockpit painted, glazing has been coated with maskol.

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52 minutes ago, Corsairfoxfouruncle said:

Ive used 50 year old frog decals so you may be surprised ? Id say test one of the pieces not needed like the Lockheed Hudson decal ? 

will do, but I like the idea of the captured Hudson in Japanese markings

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Bench this morning


Hudson fuselage assembled, in the back round is a Beaufighter mocked up with 2 500lbs bombs and an AV8A masked ready for paint.

Work bench tonight, its larger than I realised, bigger than the Beaufighter.


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23 hours ago, Jabba said:

Coming together very well, even if the clamping is required in for some parts.

There has been a little warpage in the box but nothing unusable, the clamps are more for the time the old plastic is taking to react with Tamiya extra thin cement rather the old tube glue we were subjected to.

5 hours ago, zebra said:

Looking good. Great to see the old Hudson, one of those childhood modelling memories!

I'm afraid this one preceeded my childhood moddling phase by at least 2 decades and my father work for a Matchbox distributor so I didn't know Airfix back then.

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The nose joint is being difficult to join neatly and the canopy glass is badly warped but otherwise the hudson will be ready for paint soon.


You can see how badly warp the canopy is


This thing has got folding undercarriage, I forgotten that Airfix insisted including a slot for the supplied stand if you wanted it or not.



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