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MiG-25 RBT Photo Etch and Masks for ICM Kit - 1:72

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MiG-25 RBT Photo Etch and Masks for ICM Kit

1:72 Eduard




Fans of Soviet military hardware appear to be living through a golden age at present. When I returned to the hobby almost 20 years ago, kits of Soviet subjects were far less common than they are now, and those that were available were almost all either old, inaccurate tools from the west, or limited runs kits of a 'challenging' nature from the east. These days we are far better served by a range of new, state-of-the-art tools from the likes of Eduard, ICM, Trumpeter and Zvezda to name but four. In most cases, Eduard have eagerly supported each new release with a set of photo etched details and masks. This month, ICM's new MiG-25RBT receives the Eduard treatment.








In the usual Eduard style, this set comprises two frets of parts. The first fret contains pre-painted parts for detailing the cockpit and includes harnesses, cushions, pull handles and other details for the pilot's seat, as well as details for the instrument panels and side consoles. Also included are parts for the rudder pedals. Many of the parts require their plastic equivalent to be scraped away. The second fret is unpainted and contains parts for detailing the landing gear bays and landing gear itself, the canopy and various surface details, particularly relating to the reconnaissance equipment in the nose. Also included are details for the huge jet exhausts such as detailed afterburner flame holders.





MiG-25RBT Zoom


If you are more concerned about the cockpit than the rest of the airframe, then you can save some shekels by plumping for the Zoom set. If you do, the only other parts that you will be missing out on are some of the extra details for the canopy (although you still get the rear view mirrors, which in my view make a big difference. 





MiG-25RBT Masks


This set provides pre-cut paint masks for the canopy and all of the wheels. If you've used Eduard's pre-cut masks before, you'll know that they are a real time saver.





These sets are a handy upgrade for the new ICM kit. Recommended.


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