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SMB-2 Super Mystère B2 Early & Late - 1:72 Azur FR.ROM


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SMB-2 Super Mystère B2 Early & Late

1:72 Azur FR.ROM



The Dassault Super Mystère holds the distinction of being the first production Supersonic aircraft in Western Europe. Dassault developed the design from the Ouragan through the Mystère models to the Super Mystère. While earlier models could go supersonic on a dive this aircraft could achieve it in level flight. The new aircraft with its thinner wing and greater sweep angle entered production in 1957 and left French service in 1977. Supersonic performance was also helped by the introduction of an afterburning engine.  A Mystère B4 was looked at to replace it, but this lost out to the Mirage III. As well as the French Air Force, the aircraft would serve with the Israeli Air Force and see combat in the 1967 and 73 wars. The only other user was the Honduran Air Force. These again saw combat in the numerous border conflicts they had.




The Kit
The kit is a new tool from the Special Hobby / FF.ROM collaboration of design & manufacture. The kit arrives on 6 sprues plus a clear one. The detail and quality is what we have come to expect from these companies of late and does not disappoint. 




Construction starts with the intake. This is full length down to an engine front at its rear. How much will actually be seen is another matter? The top of the front wheel well then fixes to the intake trunking.  The rear of the fuselage also gets the same treatment with a full length exhaust finished off with a nozzle.  Next up the cockpit is made up. There is the base, to which the instrument panel, sides and rear bulkhead is fitted, the control column is also fitted at this time. 




Next up the intake trunking, jet pipe and cockpit can all be installed into the main fuselage halves along with the main gear wells. The fuselage can then be closed up. Following this we move onto the wings. These are of a conventional form of left & right wings with an upper and lower half to each. Separate clear wing tip lights are provided which is a nice touch. 




Once the wings are done, these along with the single part tail, and the two tail planes can be added to the main fuselage. The nose ring is also added at this stage. The main and front landing gear is then built up and added along with the undercarriage doors, To finish up the ejection seat is built up and added tot he cockpit along with the instrument coaming. Lastly the canopy and windscreen are added. The canopy can be modelled in the open position. If underwing stores are required then a pair of fuel tanks, and a pair of short range AAMs are provided.






Decals (Early)
This boxing of the kit gives three choices of markings all in NMF;


  •  10-SB from EC 01/10 which took part in SEATO cruise to Bangkok March 1961 (Light Blue Trim)
  •  12-ZH from EC 02/12 "Cornouaille", Cambrai 1968 to 1970 (Green Trim)
  •   5-NJ from EC01/05 "Vendee", Orange-Caritat 1961 to 1964 (Red Trim)





Decals (Late)
This boxing of the kit gives three choices of marking all in Vietnam style Camo;


  •  12-YF from EC01/12 "Cambresis", Camnrai 1971
  •  10-SK from EC 01/10 "Valois", Creil, 1969 to 1973
  •   12-ZT from EC 02/12 "Comouaille", Pferdsfeld, Germany, 1974




All the decals are printed by cartograf so there should be no issues wtih them at all/

This is another good looking French Aircraft which has been crying out for a new kit. Highly recommended.

Review sample courtesy of

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