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Help with Resin ship questions


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Having looked at this review by Shar2, what are their products like ? Anyone build a resin ship from them ? 

The reason I ask is i will be coming into some money in the near future and want to build a Hunt class type II ? I believe there wasn't much difference between the two. My only other option is from Iron Shipwrights in 1/350 for there Hunt class type II. 




I already plan on using colorcoats paints as Jamie really knows his stuff. My grand uncle served on L72 ORP Kujawiak from 1940 until her sinking in the Mediterranean in 1942. It will be a rarity for me since i don't have much space but it is important for me to build all of my familial connections.

      He also served on two U.S.Navy vessels from 1944-1954 one was a landing ship but i cant remember the hull #. The other was CVE-86 USS Sitkoh bay. Anyone do a 1/700 model or a 1/350th model for future build purposes. 




Any info would be very helpful on either of them. I have the hull # for the Landing ship but will have to dig it out of my safe.  



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