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Best place for assorted plastic?

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I'm looking to build a few things for a 1:35 diorama. 

Pipes, a shack, fencing a kids swing and see-saw! 


I've seen a few things on ebay (evergreen etc) but is there any sites anyone knows of that does all different shapes and sizes at a good price? Or even an assorted pack would be great. 


Or am I better sticking with ebay since its only a small amount I'm after for now? 



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Below are the three main suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, strip, profile and specialist embossed sheets for brick, panelling, fencing etc.  You should be able to find what you need in one or more of the ranges.


Have a search for suppliers, model railway shops/online shops often carry a good range and you may be able to combine elements from each supplier in one order.









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depends on what you're envisioning but icecream sticks and chopsticks would be a good starting material, both for the fence and shack.

Both can be found on that online site for buying all sort of stuff.

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