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Musée des Arts et Métiers

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The Musée des Arts et Métiers is in downtown Paris is a science museum and has a small aviation collection of interesting artefacts. The full size airframes are historic each in their own right, which makes this a worthy destination after visiting the Musée de L'Air at le Bourget, especially since the pioneer and Great War gallery there seems to have been stuck in refurbishment limbo for years now. Some images.


By far the star at the museum is Clement Ader's Avion III.


48228889776_49a4ddd269_b.jpgEurope 204


Ader's novel and complex steam engine that powered the Avion III.


48228958622_e6e6e883f7_b.jpgEurope 206


The vehicle gallery inside the old church.


48228889511_92470f6612_b.jpgEurope 210


The ungainly Breguet R.U.1.


48228889411_056af100e1_b.jpgEurope 211


Robert Esnault-Pelterie's R.E.P. of 1908.


48228958452_5bf62ee29a_b.jpgEurope 212


Louis Blériot's English Channel crossing XI.


48228958342_afd342deef_b.jpgEurope 213


Not an aeroplane, but Marcel Leyat's Hélica D.21, which was known as "L'avion sans ailes" - the aircraft without wings.


48228889291_0f1c0678fa_b.jpgEurope 214


Another 'not an aircraft'; this bicycle was designed by Clement Ader.


48228958327_1c990f98fa_b.jpgEurope 215


Model of a Deperdussin A.


48228958282_93c4b0fc58_b.jpgEurope 216


A model of an Antoinette monoplane.


48228889181_e47726ba60_b.jpgEurope 217


Swiss brothers Armand and Henri Dufaux's unpiloted hélicoptère of 1905, which they flew from the Parc de St Cloud near Paris. This is the full size vehicle.


48228958102_f6e94d5d08_b.jpgEurope 218


Thanks for looking.


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Fascinating place and exhibits.


Are those aircraft replicas?

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1 hour ago, Smudge said:

Are those aircraft replicas?

The full size ones? No, they are the originals. That was Clement Ader's Avion III that he built in 1897 (obviously the outer covering has been replaced) and that Bleriot XI was indeed the one Louis Bleriot flew across the Channel in in 1909. The Dufaux helicopter was also the one that the brothers actually flew for the crowds at St Cloud. It wasn't large enough to carry a person, being a scale demonstrator only. Only the Deperdussin and Antoinette are reproductions.

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