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The 1989 Coup d'Étát in Paraguay - Latin America at War #11 - Helion & Company via Casemate UK

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The 1989 Coup d'Étát in Paraguay

Latin America at War #11

ISBN : 9781911628699

Helion & Company via Casemate UK




Like many countries in Central America the Republic of Paraguay has seen its fair share of conflict. However 1989 was a critical year for Paraguay, it was in this year that the 35 years of Dictatorship from General Alfredo Stroessner was finally overthrown in what was a violent coup d'état. Prior to 1954 the country had a procession of unstable governments following the Civil War of 1947. After this  General Stroessner began a series of events which would lead to his coup d'état in 1954.  Now while there were some economic benefits to the country the people also suffered environmental and human rights abuses under this regime. They were an active participant in "Operation Condor" the US backed campaign of Political repression and state terror which took place over Central & South America. 




In the mid to late 1980's efforts to block the opposition were having lesser effects, and combined with Stroessner's failing health lead and political infighting in his own Colorado party led to a coup from General Andrés Rodríguez. The Army tried to arrest Stroessner however his 700 strong guard fought back. Following the deployment of Tanks on the street, and shelling of his HQ by Army Artillery and Naval vessels they eventually surrendered.  The official death toll of 31 was deemed far below the over 200 which it actually was. Stroessner would leave for political exile to Brazil where he died in 2006.  General Andrés Rodríguez became President and brought sweeping reforms to the country, as well as elections. He would serve as an elected President till 1993 and became the first leader in a long time to leave the office at the end of his term. 




The book looks at the forces on both sides of the conflict, some history of the region and how the main battles were fought. This volume is A4 soft back in format and 80 pages. There are black and white photographs throughout with 2 main colour maps, and 6 pages of colour profiles.





This book should provide readers with a more complete understanding of this important part of Paraguay's history.





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