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Military Vehicles in Normandy

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Hi Guys, Some vehicles spotted on the road through Normandy this summer.


M3 Half Track outside the museum in Arromanches-Les-Bains.


48155052722_b6e27ca4f9_o.jpgEurope 28


Sherman DD in the square at Arromanches.


48154972896_42fe5b309b_o.jpgEurope 33


48155052402_2849679d39_o.jpgEurope 34


Swimming Jeep.


48157329551_34b050e64a_o.jpgEurope 50


Up close and personal with a DUKW.


48157329311_f01a0f33f8_o.jpgEurope 56


Patriotic Jeep.


48157329331_be28016ee2_o.jpgEurope 57


DUKW showing the goods.


48157329281_129e69d74d_o.jpgEurope 58


Storming the beaches 2019 style; DUKW at Gold Beach 6th June.


48157408597_7c46951715_o.jpgEurope 62


Centaur I 'Vidette', Pegasus Bridge.


48165091131_e644244e21_o.jpgEurope 93


Stuart at Ouistreham.


48176608736_9ddc6902db_o.jpgEurope 110


More to come.

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More Normandy vehicles. Kubelwagen.


48176608011_731622464e_o.jpgEurope 122


Plymouth Special Deluxe staff car.


48187327537_6212820bf6_o.jpgEurope 129


M8 Greyhound.


48187327452_1042220a70_o.jpgEurope 130


USS Texas Jeep.


48236418532_20e3b5de7d_o.jpgEurope 131 1


M4 Sherman, Airborne Museum, Ste-Mere-Eglise.


48187327382_a698528fb7_o.jpgEurope 131


Vehicles at Camp Geronimo; Sherman.


48187272191_412aa2efc8_o.jpgEurope 137


M8 Greyhound.


48187327032_fc7b35fcda_o.jpgEurope 138


327nd Bombardment Squadron Jeep.


48187272111_c328e8617c_o.jpgEurope 139


Sherman at Utah Beach.


48216746592_900c3e5c24_o.jpgEurope 161


Finally, Trabant at Caen!


48216745482_9cd388aba9_o.jpgEurope 183


Thanks for looking.

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Nice ones Grant, they had some pretty interesting metal there, pity the other team couldn't muster some too, there could be a reason for that though. ;)


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There should have been a Panther and a Panzer IV somewhere around, as I saw them load up and set off from Saumur the week before D+75...

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Posted (edited)

The "M4" outside the airborne museum is an ex-French M4A4T, the A4 never being used by US forces in Europe and the A4T being re-engined post-war with the Continental radial replacing the A57 multibank.


The Saumur Panther was probably on its way to Bovington Tankfest.

Edited by Das Abteilung

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14 hours ago, zigster said:

That Trabant in "sandy" base paint, sure must be from Africa Campaign

One of their base colours. Maybe the manufacturers had an alterior motive! A better example spotted in Zossen and an example in the other popular base colour on display at the kitschy Trabiworld in downtown Berlin across the road from Goering's RLM building.


48253197432_e441133432_b.jpgAfrika Corps Trabbi


48253126801_94dda0aa43_b.jpgKriegsmarine Trabbi


The Trabant would have been a nice wee car, if it wasn't so awful.

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