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Not content with having 2 kits on the go (KITT and a lamborghini Murcielago) I've started this 



A birthday present from my sister.  I wanted (but she couldn't find) a Mk 3 to build as a memory to my dad who died last month as he had one in the mid 90's.


Ive started painting with with thinned paints and what a difference (after all those years of paint straight out of the pot!!) 







I'm very happy with this so far. 

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On 7/7/2019 at 3:53 PM, David Sandry said:

Not content with having 2 kits

Only two? I must have about 15 to 20 on the go... :) 


Cheers, Alan.

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I'm in! Built the very same model as my first back in September last year - its a great reminder of how far I've come! (relatively) It was a nice simple build but never could get the bonnet to fit properly, so just prop it up!

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On 21/07/2019 at 00:10, Alex SZ1996 said:

nice kit, i have one of these in stash.

Fujimi makes the Supra MkIII if you didnt already know.

I was, there seem to be a few versions available on ebay but I couldn't see which was most standard. 

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Some recent progress... 

I wasn't happy with the coat of umbrol coal black (too matt) 


So I added a little gloss.


Then the chassis to try and match real



possibly to pale a grey


 Then with a heavily thinned and whipped black to look more realistic, I'm not convinced, but I may mess it up if I try doing much more to it. 




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