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Grumman Martlet Mk V (FM-1 Wildcat) Ceylon 1945

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Howdy everyone,

 Just put the finishing touches on my latest effort:


HobbyBoss`s 1/48 FM-1 Wildcat kit, masquerading as a Martlet Mk V


Finished to represent an aircraft with 733 NAS, Trincomalee, Ceylon, 1945


Built pretty much from the box contents, with only seat belts, engine wiring, brake pipes and aerials added


Decals from Xtradecals set X48104 `Yanks with Roundels Part 2`


Had to copy the camo` from pictures on the internet as the image on the instruction sheet was too dark to make out......


...but I couldn`t find a photo of the actual aircraft. Apparently it was a non operational unit so didn`t weather it too much. 


Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking

Cheers Russ


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That's a belter. I'm a bit of a fan of the Hobby Boss Wildcats, they are fun kits to build and, as yours shows, they turn out very nicely too. I've been focusing on the US Navy with mine but seeing this I might have to have a go at a Martlet too, great work as always Russ.


Duncan B 

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I have a question. When the roundels were overpainted to convert them, what color was used? If the same color as the camouflage, would they be darker, due toi being fresher paint? I'm not well-versed in this scheme, so am asking out of ignorance, in no way questioning the quality and accuracy of your build, which is awesome. Did the decals include the overpainted areas, or did you do this with your airbrush? Looks more like a Tamiya Wildcat than a Hobby Boss one, and that is meant as a compliment to your model-making skills!


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Hi Mike,

 The painting guide on the instructions says Olive Drab for the greenish areas, so I surmise that it was painted in US equivalents of Extra Dark Sea and Slate Greys, so I painted it Humbrol `s 125 and 66 with 196 undersides. Then weathered these back with lighter colours 140 and 86.

The overpainted areas were done in Humbrol 224 Dark Slate Grey as this would have been done at unit level. ( I did Humbrol 23 on the underside )

I don`t use an airbrush, so I drew circles the same size as the over painted roundels with a compass, painted the areas in with a brush and when they were properly dried rubbed them with a pencil eraser to get rid on any pencil that could still be seen.

Hope that makes sense.

Cheers Russ

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