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German Tank Repair Crew (35319) 1:35

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German Tank Repair Crew (35319)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models Ltd.




All tanks break whether it's due to the fact that they're badly designed, pushing the technological envelope, being misused by their crews or having chunks blown off them by the enemy.  When the tanks are away from home they're usually repaired in field workshops, the contents of which we reviewed recently here.  Workshops need crew, so this set is complementary and provides all the sinew, sweat and tears required to repair the broken vehicles.




Arriving in a shrink-wrapped figure box the set contains five figures and a selection of tools on a total of four sprues of grey styrene, although the figure sprue was originally one, but was cut to fit inside the box for expediency's sake.  The five figures are broken down to torso, head, individual arms and legs, plus hats if worn.  All of them are posed standing up with an officer guiding operations (of course!), while the other four pull, push yank and hit things with abandon.  All are wearing uniform shirts and trousers over ankle-height boots, two have peaked caps and the officer retains his officer's cap and has a little iron cross hanging from his shirt just in case anyone forgot he was in charge.  The tools include a pry-bar and sledge-hammer that two crew are wielding, and there are a wide selection of hand tools to scatter around the bench or floor nearby, plus anvil, axle stands, box plane and tool box.  You can see the full range to the right on the box top artwork.




Sculpting is as ever spot on, with sensible breakdown of parts along natural seams, superb understanding of the draping of different materials, and realistic poses and proportions that all add realism to the finished figures.  The painting and construction guide can be found of the back of the box in colour, with paints called out as numbers that relate to a table below converting between Vallejo, Life Color, Tamiya, AK, and Mission Models brand plus the colours and their names in English and Ukraine.





Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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