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Totenkopf Division Kharkov 1943 (35075) 1:35

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Totenkopf Division Kharkov 1943 (35075)

1:35 MiniArt via Creative Models




The Totenkopf division were officially known as the 3rd SS Panzer Division but were more usually known as the Death's Head due to their skull and crossbones divisional badge.  They were reserves during the battle of France and took part in the invasion of Russia, coming back to the Eastern Front after assisting the transfer of power to the Vichy government in France until 1943.  There they took part in the attempt to stop the Soviet advances including the third Battle of Kharkov, where they were at least partially successful in holding the line for a while.  They and numerous other SS Divisions were involved in a number of horrible war crimes throughout the war due to their fervent belief in their Fuhrer and the inferiority of their opponents.  Although the SS were and still are a hated group, there is no doubting the fact that they were involved in the fighting and played a part in many pivotal battles of WWII.


This set contains a group of five figures at rest dressed in winter garb as befits their involvement in Kharkov.  They arrive in a shrink-wrapped figure box, with five small sprues of figures and four of accessories all in grey styrene.  Also included in the box is a short instruction leaflet to aid in construction of the accessories such as weapons and ammo crates.




All of the five are seated in various poses nursing their weapons in their laps, with thick winter clothing consisting of padded trousers and a hooded smock that only one has over his helmet.  Their footwear is a mixture of leather and suede boots and one wearing boots with cloth spats over them.  They all have ammo pouches, water bottles, gas mask canisters, entrenching tools and bayonets, with plenty of spares on the accessory sprues.  Three figures have Kar98 rifles, and the remaining two each have an MP40 or MG42, the latter slung across his lap with a length of link shown wrapped around the breech.  The link is supplied, but you might have to carry out some heat flexing and surgery in order to get it to sit right around the gun.




Each figure is broken down individual legs, arms, torso and heads, plus hoods that fit between the torso and head.  The hooded character has a separate helmet front and two-part hood that closes around his head then attaches to the torso.  The rest have helmets from the accessory sprues that fit directly to their flat-topped craniums, and some have woollen "snoods" under their helmets to prevent frostbite, while others are toughing it out with just their helmets.  Their poses are hunched over and miserable in nature, and would suit a squad riding a tank in driving snow, or waiting for orders in bleak winter conditions.  Either way, they won't get any sympathy from us.




As usual with MiniArt figures their sculpting is exceptional with crisp detail and sensible parts breakdown plus loads of extras to add some detail to their vicinity if you use them in a diorama.  The MG42 can be posed with a drum mag and open or closed bipod if you wish, and the MP40 has either a folded or open stock, while ammo boxes, grenade cases, oil cans, map cases, pistol pouches and plenty of spare weapons can be found on the sprues.


Highly recommended.



Review sample courtesy of



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