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International Marine Signal Flags - Eduard 1:200 (53231)

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International Marine Signal Flags

Eduard 1:200 (53231)



The international code of signals provides ways and means to communicate situations easily. Set up by the British Board of Trade in 1887 the system was reworked after WWI and the new code adopted in 1932. While the flags can be used to spell out a message, individual flags also have there own meaning when flown which are applicable to this day. For example the letter "A" means "I have a diver down, keep well clear at low speed". Quite a few  kits provide a selection of flags and pennants that are printed on paper.  These can look ok, but generally always have a tired well worn look. Eduard have now countered this look with the release of this pre-painted steel set. The 32 flags  are beautifully painted and will look great either as a message from a halyard, or even on a ship dressed overall.  





This is a very nice and easy to use set which would add a dash, or even a lot of colour depending on how many you use. 





Review sample courtesy of 

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