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General Tadeusz Kościuszko. Top Drawings No. 65


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ORP General Tadeusz Kościuszko

 Kagero Top Drawings No. 65



ORP General Tadeusz Kościuszko, the former USS Wadsworth (FFG-9), is one of two Oliver Hazard Perry-class guided-missile frigates in the Polish Navy. She is named for Tadeusz Kościuszko, an American Revolutionary War hero and hero of Poland's struggle for independence. General Tadeusz Kościuszko is home-ported in Gdynia Oksywie, and has participated in numerous NATO exercises in the Baltic Sea.


Ordered from Todd Pacific Shipyards, Los Angeles Division, San Pedro, California on 27 February 1976 as part of the FY75 program, Wadsworth, was laid down on 13 July 1977, launched on 29 July 1978, and commissioned on 28 February 1980. Decommissioned on 28 June 2002, Wadsworth was handed over to Poland the same day, to become the second ex-Oliver Hazard Perry class in the Polish Navy inventory, the former USS Clark having been handed over in March 2000.




This is the latest book from Kagero in their Top Drawing series, and like the previous books it has a brief history and the ships specifications at the beginning. The rest of the eighteen pages are filled with beautifully drawn diagrams of almost every piece of equipment on the ship. Unusually for this series there aren’t any drawings of the hull, the largest section being covered is the superstructure. Also not seen before are a series of photographs of the actual ship covering eight pages which give a different dimension to the book as they are great not only for detail but also for the colour scheme and even more importantly for the modeller, weathering. Also included are A2 foldout sheets, the first of which has a three view line drawing of the complete ship on one side, the other side containing similar views, but in full colour as she was in 2018. The second sheet also contains three view line drawings of the ship, but as she was in 2015, and it’s very interesting comparing the two sheets seeing what change in her last refit. The opposite side of sheet 2 also contain line drawings of the ship, the top drawing of the hull only, the next, top down view of the hull, but also showing the internal spaces of he first level of the superstructure. The bottom drawing is a waterline drawing with annotations for the majority of the equipment visible above the main deck.







This is another superb book in the series and I particularly like the use of the photographs as they are a great help to the modeller. The pullout sheets are also wonderful to see, especially the changes between 2015 and 2018. This is certainly a very useful book for all modellers who would like a slightly different Perry class ship in their collection.




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